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Action Cat will be a unique game that can bring its player’s exciting experiences with lovely characters. If you are a lover of games built in the shooting action genre but are lovely and gentle, this will be a game that should not be missed. With this game, players will be able to control the adorable cats to face the complex challenges that await ahead.

Action Cat: Roguelike Shooting


With the games developed in the current shooting action genre, they will often bring themselves the true combat experience. But instead, the makers of Action Cat wanted to be able to get their game a softer, more lovable part. And to be able to realize this idea, the lovely cat friends will be the main characters inside the game for players to control.

But besides an adorable created figure, the characters’ abilities inside the game are not trivial. These cats are special cats trained to face difficulties and participate in extremely dangerous matches. With their super abilities, these cats can fully use guns proficiently and know how to finish off the enemy quickly.

Action Cat: Roguelike Shooting


To be able to confront cats with unique abilities, Action Cat has also developed for its players a system with tough challenges. When participating in your game, players will encounter many different types of monsters whose attack target will be you. But you also do not need to worry when the game’s control system is created to be extremely simple when you only need to control the character to move, thanks to the swipe.

With direct combat with monsters, the guns on the character’s hands will be able to adjust the direction of fire and explode automatically. And the game has also equipped its players with a highly diverse system with many different guns, including pistols, rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, and many other guns. Combined with the special power of the guns, the game has also equipped its players with more than 100 built-in skills so that you can choose 1 of 3 at different times.

Action Cat: Roguelike Shooting


  • The game is designed with the same shooting action game genre as the criteria that can give its players an entertaining experience.
  • The cat characters that the game creates will have an adorable shape but hide with terrible fighting abilities.
  • Many difficult challenges have been created to be able to attack and prevent the advance of the warrior cats.
  • The game’s arsenal of weapons is highly diverse, with many famous and specialized gun models being fully replenished.
  • More than 100 different combat skills are already integrated, and three skills will appear each time so that players can choose one in battle.


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