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Action Taimanin v2.9.46 MOD APK + OBB (Damage/God Mode) Download


Action Taimanin opens you up to a new and stylish ninja world. There will still be tough battles, still, a place for you to show off your top fighting skills, but the ninjas appearing in this game are extremely special. Not the mysterious ninja guys, but instead the hot and sexy ninja girls; I believe that many boys will join this game not only because of its combat features but also because of the hotness of the game.

Action Taimanin


Action Taimanin’s graphics are a highlight to create its attraction for customers. Character creation is full of charm and style. The ninjas appearing in this game are all extraordinary ladies with a Japanese style. Striking 3D visuals, body contouring, and chirpy voiceovers make these characters perfect. From hairstyle, eye color, facial intelligence to appearance or costumes, all have their own unique features, shaping the character’s fighting style.

In addition to the impressive character creation, the combat skills are also reproduced extremely satisfyingly. Colorful moves, with elaborately choreographed effects, make players feel like they’re lost in a real war. You can also change the style and color of the character’s costume, creating a new feeling when playing. These skill sets, when upgraded, will become even more epic.

Action Taimanin


The beautiful ninja must stand up to fight to protect humanity. Each of these ladies will have different weapons and sets of moves, suitable for each separate battle. You will need to thoroughly understand each character and choose the most appropriate character for yourself. Of course, you can also own many different characters simultaneously and change depending on your match.

There are many criteria for choosing the exemplary character in Action Taimanin, be it based on appearance preferences or sympathy for the fighting style they are using. Some ninjas will use dual swords, pistols, long swords, etc… Their moves are also changed to match the weapon used. However, the advice for you is to focus on the combat stats of these characters to make the most of their power. The higher the stats, the more influential the battle will be.

Action Taimanin


The battles take place more and more fiercely in Action Taimanin. The later, the more annoying and stubborn your opponents will be. So upgrading the ninja is something that you must do. There are two ways to use the virtual money you earn and buy new characters with higher combat stats. Or, to save money, you can also proceed to upgrade skills in your old character.

Action Taimanin


PVP battles will take place weekly. With two more teammates, combine into a team of 3 and go to the ring to compete with other players. At this time, the battle will be about individual fighting skills and need to come from good coordination with teammates. However, skills and character stats are still critical; you cannot win if there is too big a difference in the relative strength between your character and the opponent.


  • Collect, decorate, and deploy your characters to make a statement! In the sandbox studio, you may create your own action scenario!
  • Every week, a new 3-on-3 PVP season begins! Compete against your other gamers and take on the weekly ranking system.
  • With your supporter rosters, you may improve your abilities! Adapt your battle style to your preferences and optimize it!
  • Combat that feels like it belongs on a console, but with mobile-friendly controls! Classic action problems may be solved by hacking and slashing your way through them!
  • Ninja figures with a distinct aesthetic, drawn in full 3D detail! Meet the beautiful women that made Taimanin famous!


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