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Alice Gear Aegis v1.59.1 MOD APK (God Mode/One Hit) Download


Alice Gear Aegis offers an accessible experience where players will control the movement of female characters and destroy identified enemies. The control is done simply by swiping and tapping the screen. At the same time, the number of female characters you can meet through gacha mechanics is completely diverse, and you will certainly help them become strong.

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Players will accompany the cute anime-style girls in Alice Gear Aegis to destroy dangerous enemies. They own mighty equipment and weapons to move in the air easily. At the same time, players can decide on the appropriate attack method because the number of enemies appearing before their eyes is completely large. In addition, the number of enemies is entirely diverse and all within the player’s range.

Players will observe everything from a third-person perspective and do not need to use too many buttons to control the girls’ actions in the game. Specifically, you need to swipe to move and touch the screen to perform attacks. So you can experience this game with one hand and conveniently control the actions precisely. Surely players will like what this game brings to them.

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At the start of Alice Gear Aegis, the player will receive many tutorial levels where you can familiarize yourself with the character’s behavior and unleash the destruction of the enemies before you. Each character can attack at long range or close range, and each attack type has specific characteristics and benefits that players will consider. At the same time, the number of characters that can participate in the match is diverse, and you can arrange their positions depending on your preferences.

Before the start of the level, the player will find three different positions, and in it, there will be a leader to be able to participate in the first match. At the same time, you can freely equip the weapons and equipment for the character you want. You will choose the stage you want to start with, and another option appears when you see the support character. So, the number of characters has been increased to four so that you can freely control in battle.

The battle begins, and you can easily see many enemies appear with the accompanying circles. It is the target recognition feature of the game, so you won’t need to worry about moving quickly to dodge attacks and take time to aim again from the beginning. In addition, you can also switch between different characters to create support in case a character runs out of health. You also have the facility to be able to overcome many challenging levels.


An interesting point that any player will love about Alice Gear Aegis is that they can summon different characters in this game. You will use resources and wait for the results when the characters suddenly appear in front of you. At the same time, the number of characters is diverse with different star numbers, and they all have their stats for you to take advantage of. In addition, you will spend time increasing the strength of these characters.

Players will let them join the match and level up quickly. At the same time, before starting a game screen, you will be the one to equip the corresponding weapons and machines to use in the game screen. Their effectiveness also increases through upgrading, and you will be able to find many weapons as bonuses in battle. So anyone wants their waifus to be strong to destroy the enemy.

Players will find impressive battles between beautiful girls and dangerous enemies:

  • The female characters will participate in the battle with many different enemies identified to facilitate their choice of attack method.
  • Manipulating the character is completely easy, and when combined with the identification mechanism, you will not be able to lose track of the enemy even if you move continuously.
  • A team comprises three player characters and a supporting character that can take turns to complete the level in the best way.
  • The number of characters in this game is diverse, and they can appear unexpectedly through the gacha mechanism.
  • Each character has her stat, equipment to use, and their strength will continuously improve to confront more enemies.


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