Alien Invasion v1.1.3 MOD APK (Mega Menu) Download

Are you a fan of survival rpg adventure games or role-playing idle fun games? Alien Invasion Mod APK offers a mix of genres. Download our survival alien game to get bored at work and home. Enjoy amazing gameplay. Feel strange and discover the secrets of evolution, then destroy all humankind!

It’s the 2042 alien invasion, and they begin to eat everyone and everything. The fear monster looks like a giant spider and is impossible to stop. It is an undead menace on the land of the idle. This roleplaying game is available anywhere, anytime, and – best of all – it’s free! This offline game is all about spider evolution and growth. If we can identify this alien as a spider or xenomorph, it will be a fun offline game. They are ancient aliens that love to eat and will never spare anyone.

The primary antagonist of our story is a creature that resembles a spider or xenomorph from other films; however, rather than helping mankind, it seeks to devour and exterminate them all. Participate in this meaningless adventure by hunting anything in your immediate area. Are you familiar with the concept of dead space? Our game of surviving is every bit as terrifying! On the other hand, perhaps a touch less. You are the sizeable alien spider, and everything is in your hands… er, tentacles. Since you are the spider, you do not need to avoid creatures or fire back at them.


  • Consume food, procreate, stay alive, and avoid being a lazy master!
  • To stay alive, you should strive to advance alone and increase your talents.
  • Take in new sentient species and build up your alien army by absorbing them.
  • I feel like an extraterrestrial invader and supervillain!
  • Do not allow any survivors to escape.
  • Construct an example of a terror straight from hell.
  • In this pointless existence, we should kill and consume everyone.

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