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Apex Legends Mobile is a strategic battle royal shooter game that promotes squad battles, fabulous character-based gameplay, and fast-paced fighting released on 17 May 2022. The game is set within the Apex Legends universe and allows participants to join forces with two friends to contest with other mobile players. 

Each Legend has unique skills that can be used to learn team roles, conquer the Apex Legends Games, and synergize plays. Apex Legends Mobile mod apk is an excellent game for those who enjoy shooter games and want to be able to play with their friends on their mobile devices.

Apex legend was released as an opponent of the Pubg. First, it was released for the PC. But now it is released for mobile. Many people like Apex legend, but many dislike it. The people that dislike it said that its first version is made for the PC. 

I am also one of them who said that its first version was the best which is designed for the PC. But now after playing the mobile version I have also begun to like it. So my recommendation to you is that you must also have to decide about it after playing it. Then you may also know it’s fun. 

It is different from many of the other shooting games as it is based on the future. But a safe and peaceful future. The only problem in the future is that there comes many dangerous storms that can also kill any person. 

So, every player tries to make himself safe from that storm. Many people had also been killed by that storm.


We can also enjoy the unique characters with their unique abilities. There are many unique abilities in them. Such as one of its characters can jump at a high height, another one can detect the enemy from a distance, and can also get a fast speed ability. Apex Legends apk Game character name and their abilities are given below:  

  • Ash; is marked for death.

  • Bangalore; double time.

  • Bloodhound; tracker.

  • Caustic; Nox Vision.

  • Fuse; grenadier.

  • Crypto; neuro link.

Best Guns in Apex Legends Mobile.

There are four gun tiers in apex legend, i.e. SS-tier, S-tier, A-tier, and B-tier are the tiers of the game. Its gun’s names are explained below.

  • SS-tier: G7 scout, kraber, Mastiff, volt.

  • S-tier: Flatline, CAR, R-99, peacekeeper

  • A-tier: Havoc, Alternator, Bock Bow, Wingman, Charge rifle.

  • B-tier: Hemlok, longbow, Rampage, Sentinel

Apex Legends Mobile Download for Android.

You can download Apex Legends Mobile and can play it on your Android mobile by downloading it from our site. You can download it by going through the download icon given under the logo of Apex Legends Mobile. You can download the mod APK file only for Android devices like mobile, Tablets, etc.

You can also read the instruction given on the downloader page. You can also download many other APK files from our site. You can also download the best Android apps only for android mobiles from our website.

How to install Apex Legend Mobile MOD APK file for Android mobile?

You can install Apex Legend and many more Android applications from our website. You must also know that we have checked for any malware in the apps. You must also know that you can get different free apps on our site.

Now come to your real question about how to download apex legends mobile on your Android devices.

First, you have to download the mod APK of Apex Legend and then you have to allow to install unknown files from your mobile settings. Then you can find your downloaded file in the file manager. From there you can easily install it and can play it.

Apex Legends Mobile iOS Download.

Now you can also download apex legend mobile on your iOS devices, like the Tablet of Apple company and the iPhone. If you don’t know how to download this on your Apple device, then you have to go to the given link.

Apex Legends Mobile Emulator.

Now you can also play Apex Legends Mobile on an emulator. The question rise here is that, how can you play it on an emulator? Or how to install it? You just have to read this blog and you will know about it.

You just have to download an emulator on your PC. In our eyes, the best emulators are game loop and bluestacks. These emulators are best for Android apps. You have to download one of them and can play Apex Legend Mobile. You can also other free Android apps.

Apex Legends Mobile Gameplay.

Its method is not so easy. When you open the game, you must select a character. As we know that unique characters have unique capabilities. You can select a character with a unique ability that you like. 

After starting the game, you seem you are in an airbus then you have to select a place to land on the map. After landing, you have to search for weapons, grenades, shields, energy drinks, helmets, and ammo to recharge the shield.

After finding these things, search for another squad to fight with them and kill them. You can run faster by pressing shift. Also, make the loot from the airdrop. There will be some guns that are much better than the guns on the maps.

 In between the fighting, you see that if your shield is damaged, take an electric charge so that your shield may get stable. You have to see that if you cannot recover your health, you must have to take the medkit used to stable your health.

If you have no material to stable your shield, you must have to change the shield before taking a fight. In between the fight, if one of the players of your squad you have to revive him so your team will be complete.

There is also a storm behind you outside the ring. You have to get into that ring before the zone or the storm comes to you. If you are in a storm, you will get damaged or may get killed.

Also, try Mini Militia 2.

Unique things about Apex Legend Game.

There are 20 squads in a game of Apex legends in which there is also your squad. You have to fight the other 19 squads so you can win the game. There are also many unique maps of the Apex legend. 

Its method is also unique in many of the games. Many of the features that are not available are available in the Apex legend. There are many future things like weapons and shields in the game. It’s a realistic game and so it looks like a real future.

Is it tough to play Apex legend?

The players who are playing the game for the first time feel that the game is very tough, but if they play for some time, they take it as an easy game. 

The PRO players play it as a straightforward game. They can play even when they do have not any gun. They can kill any of their enemies in the game with their punch. 

My advice to the new players is they have to see other YouTubers playing and streaming on YouTube. Or ask any PRO Player to help him play the game. Skills are a considerable forte while playing the game. The old players had played the games so much that they have become so skilled people.

Apex Legends Mobile System Requirements.

You need a minimum of 4GB of ram and 2.5GB of ROM to play Apex Legends on your Android device. It will be better if you have 8GB of ram. You can check further on apex legends mobile official website.

Apex Legends Mobile Requirements for Android.

  • Android 6.0 or later

  • CPU: Snapdragon 435, Hisilicon Kirin 650, Mediatek Helio P20, or Exynos 7420

Size of Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile’s game size is about 2.5 GB according to the minimum requirements. Its download size is about 1.47 GB. But when you will play this game, it may also download some extra files, and then finally its size will become 2.5 GB.

It is also an addictive game.

As it is a gun game so people like it a lot and play it so much and become addicted. Addiction is a terrible thing from which we should protect ourselves. 

We can make ourselves safe by setting times for playing these games. Or we should take part in other physical activities such as morning walks, playing other physical games. We must also transfer the devices on which you play the game so that you cannot play the game until late at night.

Too much gameplay in the game could also damage the player’s health in real life. As we know that if someone cannot take restfully, he may have an intense headache. He cannot do anything well.

If a student gets addicted to it, he cannot read well. He may also get his exams. Then he is not liked by his parent or his teachers. All of his teachers and parents dislike him, as he disobeys the order of his parents or his teachers.

When you are addicted to Apex legend, you will always get into combat with others, like your friends or parents, or relatives. When you will fight with these people who may dislike you, then you are hated everywhere.

Apex Legends Mobile Trailer.

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