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Stickman Master: Archer Legend gives you engaging gameplay when you and a stickman fight many enemies with the weapons you have. You will choose the right angle to launch weapons and defeat the enemies that appear continuously in front of you. At the same time, the number of skills that the character can receive is entirely diverse and can form many powerful combinations. Talents and weapons are also something worth noting.

Stickman Master: Archer Legend


In Stickman Master: Archer Legend, players will find new challenges and powers to overcome them. Specifically, in stage 7, players will join the battle with two different difficulty levels, including Common and Hero. It can be said that you will need to be fully prepared before entering this stage. At the same time, an equipment set called Ghost Killing will be set that any player should try with the effect it can bring.


Players will act like a prince of the Stickman kingdom in Stickman Master: Archer Legend, and there will always be new problems appearing for you to solve. In this kingdom, evil energies began to appear that began to affect the people’s living environment. At the same time, they are also turned into puppets, and you will set out against evil enemies to save the kingdom from this problem.

Stickman Master: Archer Legend


In Stickman Master: Archer Legend, players will see the character in a 2D environment and keep moving until they meet an enemy. You will adjust the weapon’s launch angle to hit enemies that appear at different heights. Also, their number will vary depending on the stage, and enemies with shields will be able to resist some of your attacks before they are defeated. In addition, you can select parts to deal critical damage and take them down.

Each time you pass a level, you will get a certain amount of experience, and when you reach a new level, you will be able to get three skills. You can only choose one of the three to increase your strength through different battles. At the same time, you can also find many powerful skills and create a collection to defeat enemies quickly. So you will be able to easily pass many different levels and try not to lose blood.

Stickman Master: Archer Legend

An interesting point that you should know to avoid losing too much blood in this game is that you will disable enemy attacks like magic balls or weapon launches. You’ll need to guess which way these attacks fly to strike correctly.


Many factors determine the strength of characters in Stickman Master: Archer Legend. Specifically, you will be able to spin up weapons by opening different chests. At the same time, you also spend money to improve efficiency and can break their limits with fragments of the same type. You can also increase your character’s talent to improve your base stats. So you’ll be able to gain new powers and overcome the levels, challenges, and bosses that lie ahead.

Stickman Master: Archer Legend

Players will enter the journey against the evil forces in the Stickman kingdom:

  • You will control the character through many different levels, with many enemies waiting to attack you with their equipment.
  • Players will decide the angle to accurately launch the weapon at the opponent and select the part to deal critical damage.
  • The number of skills that the character can access is entirely diverse and will appear when the character level up and bring effects to the weapon.
  • The equipment and talents will help increase the character’s base stats and help pass various stages in the game.
  • In the new game version, you will find the appearance of two new difficulty levels of stage 7 and an equipment set that you cannot ignore.


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