Armed Heist MOD apk

Armed Heist MOD apk 2.6.8

Armed Heist MOD apk is an exciting new game for your mobile device. In this game, you play as a criminal mastermind, planning and executing daring heists. But beware, the police are hot on your heels, and they are armed and dangerous.

If you’re looking for a thrilling, action-packed game to play on your phone, then Armed Heist is the perfect game for you. Download it now and see if you can become the ultimate criminal mastermind!

In the game Armed Heist MOD APK, you play as a criminal mastermind who is planning a heist. You will need to assemble a team of criminals, and then plan and execute the heist. The game is played in real-time, and you will need to use your wits and strategy to succeed. If you are caught by the police, you will be arrested and sent to jail.

Armed Heist MOD apk Features 

3D Crime Map – A dynamic job database crime map of low security banks and armored trucks, lets you pick and choose what heist you want to pull today!

Dynamic Scenarios – Get ready for the thrill! In this tps online shooting game, no bank shooting challenge ever plays out the same way twice. Every single scenario will be different depending on your moves and gun skills.

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Pimp Your Character – Create your own ruthless bank robber! Want to be a killer clown? X special forces? Maybe a adventurous
gangster? Earn skins, masks, bulletproof vests & awesome outfits. High-quality 3D graphics and immersive gameplay make this third person shooter into an action-packed shootout!

Armed Heist is one of the most intense third person shooter games online. Unlike fps games (first person shooter game), where all you see in the barrel of your gun, in tps games (third person shooter games) the camera rotates around your character in an active and dynamic way, making you feel like you are the one robbing banks and blazing bullets!
If you love Call of Duty, PUBG, Garena Free Fire, or other shooter games, then this is the right game for you!
Grab your gear. You got a job to do.

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