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Beyond the Wall v1.01 APK (Full Game) Download

Beyond the Wall develops horror stories around the player’s close friendship with a mysterious character. It all takes place in the exotic garden of a friend’s family. At each location, the system will facilitate players to collect items and solve puzzles. However, everything happens in the dark; are you brave enough to do them?

Beyond the Wall


The story will be built by Beyond the Wall from the smallest details. Everything happens when the player takes on the role and becomes a little girl looking to visit a friend’s house. The horror details will start from here. The locations behind the gate were all lit by a single light bulb. The game’s main screen will receive operations directly on the device screen, such as sliding your finger to move and long pressing to collect items.

Beyond the Wall


Events that take place during the player’s experience of Beyond the Wall will be marked up to the tenth chapter. While the main character moves to a new location, the system will set different requirements for them. You need to search for the requested item or do any of the challenges suggested and shown on the screen. The rules of the game that need to be understood are that only after completing this challenge can you move to a new location.

Beyond the Wall


Beyond the Wall’s management system will record your activity. This information helps players gain experience and make the most accurate judgments about the next challenge. The secrets in the garden will be revealed once the puzzle activity is over. The game has ten different levels for you to experience. The system will change the questions and their difficulty so that the challenge in the garden does not become boring.


On the soft music of various instruments, Beyond the Wall continues to present challenges for the player’s patience and reasoning. The classic details are emphasized more than expected, combined with the strong cohesion of the story. All will help players get the best experience after completing the entire level. The horror story will be your own experience in this hectic summer with this mysterious garden.

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