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Black Hole Hero v1.5.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Mana, Skill) Download


Come to Black Hole Hero: Vice Vegas Rope Mafia to transform into a genuine Mafia leader. Become the most dangerous criminal in the city. Lead your gang and fight other famous Mafia gangs worldwide: China, Japan, Russia, etc… Are you ready for your upcoming adventure? If not, prepare now. Countless exciting missions are waiting for you.

Black Hole Hero : Vice Vegas Rope Mafia


Enjoy the feeling of being an evil criminal. Join, explore new lands, perform the heist of the century. From looting, you are killing each other to fighting—experience all the most modern weapons and vehicles. More than 40 vehicles with many different genres and military models for you to choose from: army vehicles, helicopters, missiles,… Besides, the game helps you increase your skills when handling awkward situations in life—bringing the most joyful feelings, helping to relax, and reducing extreme stress.

Black Hole Hero : Vice Vegas Rope Mafia


Black Hole Hero offers you more than 20 quests to go through. Most of your targets will be in the same city. Your task in the game is to destroy and eliminate other gangs to establish a new empire of underground gangs. The matches will take place in cities, areas, places where famous players gather. Vegas is known as a city full of dangerous Mafia names. Complete many missions and improve your skills, unlock new weapons and lands.

Black Hole Hero : Vice Vegas Rope Mafia


Experience what it feels like to be the bad guy. A wide range of guns is designed with unique shapes and colors made just for you. Customize to change the character’s appearance to increase the novelty and minimize the boredom when playing only a single character. In addition, players can use their supernatural powers to move freely in the city, and many other content-rich missions are waiting for you to explore.

The game has excellent graphics and effects, HD quality images, creating excitement for users. Is a game released completely free for you? Join online to share, fight with friends, create fun and meaningful matches.


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