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How does Apex legend better than Fortnite

How does Apex legend better than Fortnite: Apex legend is better than Fortnite in many ways i.e. apex legend is a game that is situated in the future but with more greenery and peace with technology whereas Fortnite is only based on greenery and old ways to fight in which there are no indications of the future. It is also good as it is more famous than Fortnite and it is not so much of an addiction as Fortnite.

Addiction to Fortnite.

As it is a gun game like Fortnite so people like it a lot and play it so much and become addicted. Addiction is a terrible thing from which we should protect ourselves. We can make ourselves safe by setting times for playing these games. Or we should take part in other physical activities such as morning walks, playing other physical games.

We must also transfer the devices on which you play the game so that you cannot play the game until late at night. Too much gameplay in the game could also damage the player’s health in real life. As we know that if someone cannot take restfully, he may have an intense headache.

He cannot do anything well. If a student gets addicted to it, he cannot read well. He may also get his exams. Then he is not liked by his parent or his teachers. All of his teachers and parents dislike him, as he does not obey the order of his parents or his teachers.

The method to play apex legend is unique

The method to play Apex legend is very simple and easy for the players of the other gunned game but the players who first time played the game will feel this game is very tough. For them, we will teach them how to play.

First, select a character, then after selecting a map, you will start the game. Then you will see yourself on an Airbus passing through the map. Then you have to land in a place on the map. After landing you have to search for the guns and other things which help you in the match or while fighting with enemies.

If you have seen another group near you, make loot quickly as you could so you may kill them easily. You have also to see that are you in the ring or not. If you are not in the ring, then you should have to move in the ring as fast as you can.

How does Apex legend better than Fortnite

Because if you remain outside the ring, then you will get damaged by the storm which is coming outside from the ring. It not only damages you, but it also can knock you. Therefore, get in the ring as soon as possible. If you got damaged outside the ring or while fighting, take a medkit. It will help you heal.

You also have to see if the shield is damaged. If it is damaged, you must have taken shock, which will make it good. If you don’t recover yourself, you can easily be killed or e knocked. To win the game, you must have to occupy the area inside the ring as fast as you could.

This will help you kill your enemy with no fear of the storm coming from outside of the ring. If another group has occupied the ring, you must find a way through which you can easily enter the ring.

Apex legend is more famous

Apex legend is so famous as it is a game based on nature and the future. The player feels very good by playing it. They relaxed by playing it. There are many reasons it becomes famous. When it was released, Pubg players become awkward at Pubg and want a new thing.

This game gives the player a new opportunity and so it becomes famous. Another reason is that when it was released, it was released as an opponent for the Pubg. after its release it was played by many players of different games like Freefire, Pubg, and Call of duty. So once its rating increased so fast and it became a popular game.


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