How to add a Border on video in Capcut?

How to add a Border on video in Capcut: Many Content Creator and, Tiktoker YouTubers use borders on their video, making them most attractive and beautiful. You can also add the border on your video only on a smartphone. The border is used on videos to make the most enjoyable. Borders are also used to make a part of the video clarify.

There are many apps to add border frames to the video. But we recommend the CapCut application, which is very easy to use and free to use.

This application is official from TikTok, so you can edit TikTok videos from here.

How to add a Border on video in CapCut:

Adding borders on a video in caput is straightforward because the borders are already available in the cap cut application for free. You have to choose the border according to your choice, and it will be applied only in just a few steps:

Following are the steps to apply border on a video:

First, open the cap cut application:

Now select New Project

How to add a Border on video in caput

Add a video on which you want to add the border.

Now open the effect from the bottom menu

Select Video Effects from the effect menu

How to add a Border on video in capcut Effect
How to add a Border on video in capcut Effect

Now Tap on the border effects from video effects and select the border which you want on your video

Finally, set the duration of a frame on the video. That’s done; you have successfully added a border to your video


Now export your video;

Tap the arrow button on the top right corner of the screen. Now your video will be exported.


Elements on video make them most attractive, and a beautiful video border is one. Applying border on video is a simple and easy step. We have concluded all the steps to apply a border. We hope this article will help you a lot. There is no desktop version available now. Capcut is a trending app where you can make all types of video all the Tiktok stars are using this app.

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