How to get better at clash of clans?

How to get better at clash of clans: Clash of clans is a strategic game. It means you can not be better in it with the advanced army; you can only be better with your mind and strategies. And this takes time.

You might ever notice occasionally we win the war with a very less powerful army and sometimes with a powerful army we lose to a weak village!

It is like a real-time war; you need to make a complete plan before attacking a village. This plan consists of how to attack, from which place to attack, which army you should deploy, when, and which army needs to be deployed!

Every step should be calculated according to the village you are leaving to attack. Now, you are picking how to get better at the clash of clans; let’s get deeper into it.

Tips for how to get better at clash of clans

Keep in mind no one becomes a master in anything in a day. It takes time, and it takes a lot of time. In regards to the COC, you require generating strategies that work, which is a challenging task.

Here are a few tips that will help you become better at the COC.

Study You Army

It might imply visibly but learn your army first. How much is it powerful? How many hits can it bear, and how can it destroy the enemy village?

You need to brainstorm on your army. Prioritize upgrading your army level. In this way, they can be more dangerous to the enemies, and there will be more loots. In this way, you can upgrade your village more quickly if your army and defense are powerful.

Make A Perfect Combination of Army

Not every member of the army is equal. Some attack while remaining on the ground, while some attack through the air. Some are very weak and die too quickly, and some can bear a lot of hits.

You need to make a perfect combination according to your attacking style. I prefer ground attack and make a combination of a strong and weak army. Usually, the army that dies early can cause more destruction. So, I first deploy the strong army so that the enemy’s defense starts targeting them and then deploy the weak army behind them. In this way, the weaker army remains unharmful, which means more destruction.

Study Enemy’s Village

It might sound clear to deeply see the enemy’s village. You get 30 moments to examine the enemy’s village and utilize that time correctly.

See where they placed their most powerful defense system and what is at the back of that defense? Check which side of the village is a bit weak and can be a breakthrough. Check whether its hall can be an easy target or not.

You need to work on this habit each time and sooner, you will be able to find weak spots of the enemy village with ease.

Learning Perfect timings

It is not an excellent practice to deploy all of the army at once. It cannot be a good practice, never!

First, find out the weak spot and deploy a small number of army members to test that spot further. If it seems all is under control, then slowly deploy more army but keep a few of them for later too.

Because occasionally, everything goes right, but there were bombs and crushers, and they destroyed our army!

So, deploy the army wisely.

Sometimes, you might need to deploy almost the entire army at once because the enemy has a strong defense at that part. So, study the enemy village deeply and deploy traffic wisely.

YouTube Videos

Watch YouTube videos. Supercell also shares very amazing videos; you can watch that too. Other YouTubers also share their gameplays that are also helpful.

Practice, Practice & Practice

As I mentioned already, you have to practice a lot to get better at Clash on Clans. The night mode is a great place to practice COC as the army will be trained quickly after each attack. Make many attacks in night mode and try to find a perfect strategy for yourself.

A single strategy can work in many cases. So, practice and find out the correct working method for you. Watch that video and study each move deeply. Do not try to copy them, but try to train your mind for better attacks. Develop a strategic mind. Frame a manner of seeing in the future that if you attack in a particular way, what will happen next?


A lot of practice can make us better in anything. But only practice will not help you in case of a clash of clans. Study your army, your defense, and the other village’s defense. It will help you in making a plan for a successful attack on the enemy village.

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