How to get clash of clans on pc?

How to get clash of clans on pc: Clash of clans or COC is an Android game, and hence you cannot play it on the PC. But don’t worry; there are a few steps by using you can play COC on a PC.

Clash of clans is a really strategic game that people love to train their minds. This game doesn’t attract much audience like the Pubg, but those who play it have great strategical skills

. I am a player of Clash of Clans since 2015 and have a Town Hall 11. I love to play it in my free time. The remarkable thing I love about it is how you train your army and spread your army into other people’s villages for the loot. Not everyone is perfect in it.

Why play Class of Clans COC on PC?

It might seem obvious, but we love to have a seamless experience across all our devices. For this, we love to play the games on our PC that we play on our mobile phones. It will let us continue playing the game on PC where we left it.

Sometimes we are playing the game, and we need to wait to train the army. While waiting, we turned off the mobile and shifted on the laptop. Now, when the army has been trained, we want to resume playing the COC on the laptop or PC.

For this kind of reason, we need to play clash of clans on PC. Now, let’s jump to the topic of learning to play COC on the PC.

How to play Clash of Clans on PC?

It is easy to play COC on PC, but it is a difficult task at a safe time. There isn’t any support from Supercell for PC users. It is why it is hard to play the clash of clans game on the PC or laptop smoothly. As there isn’t any available support, we cannot say whether it will run on your PC or not.

You can only try the below methods; if it works for you, you are good to go; otherwise, there isn’t any official method. Now, how is it easy? You only need to install a few apps to accomplish your goal of playing the Supercell Clash of Clans game on the PC.

Which apps?

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Try Any Android Emulator

Android emulators for PCs let us run apk files on the PC. Now, what does it means?

Well, technically, we can install the Android Applications on our PC. It happens through the help of these Emulators. You can try any Emulator corresponding to your wishes or PC needs.

NoxPlayer is heavy software that requires much of your PC’s resources to work properly. If you have a strong PC, you can consider it otherwise; go for any other lighter option. These Emulators are easy to available; you can just Google for it and download the package for the PC.

When you download it, install it properly and run the software. Evey Emulator will request you to log in to your email to set it up properly. This email ID will let you use the PlayStore to download the apps or games later.

How to get clash of clans on pc
How to get clash of clans on pc

When Emulator is in its working condition, you can start downloading clash of clans through Playstore on the PC! Yes, you are downloading your game to your PC.

Yes, you might face some lags or playing issues as there is a big difference between playing COC on PC and playing it on mobile. It is smooth to play it on mobile where you can depot your army with a touch, now you have to press the mouse button. But it works.

Try Screen Mirroring

The following method you can try to play clash of clans on the PC is the screen mirroring.

In the screen mirroring, you just mirror the mobile screen in real-time on the laptop; whatever you are doing on the mobile will be live on the laptop too.

This way, you might not play the game using a laptop, but you can see it playing on the big screen. For screen mirroring, there are many mobile apps available on the PlayStore, but I recommend AirDroid.

With every application like this, you will need a USB cable to plug into the PC, turn on USB dubbing, and leave the other of the work on the software.


Clash of clans game is amazing, and yes, you can play it on the laptop or PC, too, with some hacks. The most recommended way to play COC on the PC is through the Android Emulators.

So, now you know how to play clash of clans on the PC; enjoy the day.

How to get clash of clans on pc Window 10

How to get clash of clans on pc for window 11

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