How to Make Velocity Edit?

How to Make Velocity Edit: A typical type of edit in which you make a video slow or fast in a particular technique is called velocity edit. The video is slow or fast in velocity edit at some simultaneous points. It is the simple combination of speeding and slowing of the video. With this edit, your video can go viral quickly on TikTok or Instagram reels.

For example, a bike runner record a video of 15 seconds, then you make the video fast in the first 5 seconds and slow in the next 5 second, and then make it fast in the last 5 seconds. You will shock to know that this is a velocity video.

There are many apps to make velocity videos, such as iMovie, inshot, or other apps like alight motion. But this time, we are using Cap cut, the official app from TikTok, for editing videos easily.

How to Make Velocity Edit in Capcut:

Making a velocity video is a straightforward task; by following the given steps, you can make this video easily;

First, you need a Cap cut app; you can download the cap cut app from here:

Then open the app then click on the New Project.

Add that video on which you want editing.

Now add the audio.

Select the video which you add Now press on the edit menu, located in the left bottom corner of the app.

Now select the speed option.

Select the curve option in the speed section:

You have to adjust the speed manually according to your video, so select the custom speed section.

Now edit the custom speed.

Here you find the 5beats in the custom speed edit option;

Now slide one of the beat points upward from them according to your video or the speed you want to increase.

To make the video slow slide the beat point downward. This will slow the speed of video;

If you have all done it, tap the tick icon.

Now your velocity edit video is done, you can export it.

Tap the arrow button on the top right corner of the screen. Now your video will be exported.

Enjoy your velocity edit video.

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