Should I Remove gem box in COC?

Should I remove gem box in COC: Everyone loves free money, and in games, free gems. In every game, there is any kind of gems. These gems simplify many tasks for us in the gameplay—it kind of paid easiness from the developers.

For example, in the COC, gems can reduce the building upgrade time, can finish army upgrading early, and can boost up many tasks. Yes, there are so many benefits. Then why should we not get those free gems? Gem boxes are the easiest way to grab the free gems.

What are gem boxes in the COC?

Just like other plants, a gem box in a clash of clans looks like a small plant. When we remove it with 1000 Elixir, we get 25 gems. Sometimes we meet a rainbow on the gem box too that looks amazing and feels better within other buildings.

I sometimes prefer to hold that block-type gem box as it décor the village perfectly. Is there any difference between that rainbow-type gem box and without a rainbow? No, both are the same. It is just to give the home village a style. Both look great.

Should I remove gem box in COC?

Yes, definitely. When you remove it, you will get more.

When you remove it, you can get gems up to 25 at once. That’s great. Further, when you clear any obstacle from the village, it leaves space for new plants to grow there, which is another great thing.

So, always remove your gem boxes unless you are concerned about the decor of your village. Now, what does it means? Well, some people are very concerned about the design and look of the village. And some people even change the location of the obstacles to their desired place to give a better shape to their villages.

If you are that kind of body, you can decide to hold that gem box and also change its location to get the desired look. I also have placed a gem box with the rainbow in between the defense buildings to give a unique look to my village. It also looks appealing and attractive.

What will be the benefit of not removing the gem box?

Now, you might be thinking of holding the gem box in the village for later term. But will it be worth it to not clean the gem box? Well, the answer is very obvious; it is not worth it to hold the gem box for no reason. If you remove it, you get 25 gems, and there may appear more gem boxes.

There isn’t any situation to hold the gem box. But as I mentioned above, if you are concerned about the village’s look and structure, you can consider holding the gem box in the village. Place it at a proper location and make your village more appealing to your attackers.

How to get more gem boxes?

Well, before, we got only a few gem boxes in a week, but after recent updates, we see more and more gem boxes. But if you are not seeing much, then how can we actually get more gem boxes in the home village?

Well, one thing you can ensure is to remove the older gem boxes. As I mentioned above, when you clean the previous objects in the village, it leaves space to welcome more obstacles in the village. So, there are chances you will get more gem boxes in this way; remove the older gem boxes and get the new ones quickly.


Gems are really essential in speeding up the architecture or upgrading time. If you have more gems in your charge, you can really speed up the gaming time.

It is like a real working hack. Do consider removing the gem as it will let more and more gems appear in your village, and you can speed up your task in making your village way stronger and better than before.

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