What is good about apex legends

What is good about apex legends: We can enjoy the good nature future in the game. The game is based totally on the future. There are six characters with unique abilities.

  1.  Ash; marked for death.
  2. Bangalore; double time.
  3. Bloodhound; tracker.
  4. Caustic; Nox Vision.
  5. Fuse; grenadier.

Method to play

First, select a personality that you which you like with your club, then you have to start the game. After starting the game, you seem you are in an airbus then you have to select a place to land on the map. After landing, you have to search for weapons, grenades, shields, energy drinks, helmets, and ammo to recharge the shield.

After finding these things, search for another squad to fight with them and kill them. You can run fast by pressing shift. Also, make the loot from the airDrop. There will be some guns that are much better than the guns on the maps. In between the fighting, you see that if your shield is damaged, take an electric charge so that your shield may get stable.

What is good about apex legends

You have to see that if you fail to recover your health, you must have to take the medkit used to stable your health. If you hold no ammo to stable your shield, you must have to change the shield before taking a fight.

In between the fight, if one of the players of your team you have to revive him so your team will be complete. There is also a storm behind you outside the ring. You have to get into that ring before the zone or storm comes to you. If you are in a storm, you will get damaged or may get killed.

Unique things about Apex legend

There are 20 squads in a game of Apex legends from which there is also your squad. You have to fight the other 19 squads so you can win the game. It got fame because the players feel better playing it because of its good nature and fast movement.

Requirements for apex legend

Apex legend requires window 7. PC should have 6GB ram but 8 GB is recommended for it, minimum of 22GB free space in a hard disk. It should also have 1 GB GPU.you can also run apex legend even if you own no GPU, but it is recommended that you have 1 GB GPU.

Is it difficult to play Apex Legend?

The players who are playing the game for the first time feel that the game is very tough, but if they play for some time, they take it as an easy game. The PRO players play it as a straightforward game. They can play even when they do have not any gun.

They can kill any of their enemies in the game with their punch. My advice to the new players is they have to see other YouTubers playing and streaming on YouTube. Or ask any PRO Player to help him play the game. Skills are the most important thing while playing the game. The old players had played the games so much that they have become so skilled people.

Guns in Apex legend

There are four gun tiers in apex legend, i.e. SS-tier, S-tier, A-tier, and B-tier are the tiers of the game. Its explanation is explained below.

  • SS-tier: G7 scout, kraber, Mastiff, volt.
  • S-tier: Flatline, CAR, R-99, peacekeeper
  • A-tier: Havoc, Alternator, Bock Bow, Wingman, Charge rifle.
  • B-tier: Hemlok, longbow, Rampage, Sentinel


As it is a gun game so people like it a lot and play it so much and become addicted. Addiction is a terrible thing from which we should protect ourselves. We can make ourselves safe by setting times for playing these games. Or we should take part in other physical activities such as morning walks, playing other physical games.

We must also transfer the devices on which you play the game so that you cannot play the game until late at night. Too much gameplay in the game could also damage the player’s health in real life. As you know that staring at the PC screen for a lengthy time may spoil a person’s health and he also cannot sleep well.

As we know that if someone cannot take restfully, he may have an intense headache. He cannot do anything well. If a student gets addicted to it, he cannot read well. He may also get his exams. Then he is not liked by his parent or his teachers. All of his teachers and parents dislike him, as he does not carry out the order of his parents or his teachers.

Fight with others in real life

When you are addicted to Apex legend, you will always get into a fight with others, like your friends or parents, or relatives. When you will fight with these people who may dislike you, then you are hated everywhere.


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