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Why not to play Pubg?

Why not to play Pubg Edited: PUBG is the tiny form of the player’s unknown battleground. It is an extremely violent game. It is under scrutiny for being a savage game. This violence can cause aggressive thoughts, emotions, and behavior that ultimately can affect a player’s mental health.


Pubg is an online multiplayer game. However, it makes many players addicted. It is probably the worst thing about this game. Once a young person started playing it, he wants to play it again and again. In this way, he becomes addicted to it.

Once he is addicted, he might not perform his other daily life duties properly. Stress is a common thing in PUBG-addicted players. You know that seating against a computer can cause it hard for you to sleep, even if you finally decide to call it a day.

Time Wastage:

I am sure you know that a particular game of PUBG can take up to an hour to complete. Little matches can waste hours of your time. Which is not a little time.

People avoid you because you devoted a portion of your time playing PUBG. Students can not read well according to their ability. They can even become addicted, which is not so good for them. Because after being an addict to anything, they can do nothing except do that. They think there is nothing except playing PUBG. Nothing can relax them except playing PUBG. It makes them pay a lot for it.

Money Wastage:

Players also pay a lot for getting their guns skins. It also contains many X-suit to get these players to pay much lakh of money. Many of the famous skins of M416 in PUBG on which many players and many YouTubers had paid a lot are Glacier and Fool.

There is also a glacier of AKM. Many players make them so busy in it they cannot have time even to eat. It results in making them unfit according to their health.

Some players make themself so aggressive that they fight with their parents when they stop them from playing PUBG. Many players spend their parents’ money on this game without letting them know. Which is a terrible thing.

Fight with family:

There are also many cases repot in the police station of the murder of their family members by the players because only they stop them from playing PUBG. Therefore, it is banned in many countries like INDIA but players of PUBG were so aggressive at this that they make the conflict with one another for simple things.

So they make another game exact copy of PUBG named BGMI, which is a short form of Battle Ground Mobile India. Fighting with family is a common reason families want the government to ban this game in every country. Because while playing this game, youngsters don’t pay off consideration to their families.

Why not to play Pubg Edited Social Crime:

People also use hacks in games, which is illegal in a way, but they break the rules of the games for which their IDs are banned for years. Therefore they also pay for unbanning their IDs and openly use these hacks.

Many people adopt apk files in PUBG which is also illegal but they are unbannable and ultimately make other people use them so in this way the number of hackers increases daily but they cannot be stopped. As a result, social crime is increasing daily. Because the hackers can easily hack these so their data is in high danger, but they don’t know it.


After getting their files, they blackmail them to pay him otherwise he will leak their data. There are many glitches in PUBG that make the normal players like a hacker as a result, their IDs are banned, like hackers.

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