Why PUBG lite is dead

Why PUBG lite is dead: Pubg symbolizes a player’s unknown battleground. Pubg PC Lite was released on March 23, 2017. It is a game that is formed with low graphics than the Pubg PC. It will be a good game, but the player did not like it as it has too many low graphics which players cannot enjoy much.

Why PUBG lite is dead by now?

When it was released, it was thought it will be fun for different players. But because of its low graphics player did not like it as it was thought it would be an entertaining game but because of its so much unliking by the players, it was closed by the developers.

Is Pubg PC Lite still on the PC?

No, Pubg PC is not available on the PC for download. As its activity was closed on March 30, 2021. Because it was a flop by then, therefore, it was now not to download. For the players who want to play it now, they can’t download it and play it now.

Will Pubg PC Lite be returned?

Unfortunately, Pubg PC cannot return as its activity was to end on March 30, 2021. Its developers have made a hard decision after many efforts. Their game’s journey was to end.

How to enjoy Pubg PC Lite.

Pubg PC Lite was to play as first you have to choose the map you want to play. You will be spot on spawn, iland after that you will be on a plane that has a specific pathway on the map. When you land on any part of the map, you will be weaponless.

You must have to find weapons, ammo, and other loot. If you want a rush game, you must land in areas like Gorgpool, pochinki, melta base, school, and Novo pool. these are the place where most of the lobby land. But if you want to play safe, you must land at Gatka, Gorgpool city rozoke shotting rang farms, etc. These are the safe areas of the Pubg Erangel.

Maps of the Pubg PC Lite.

There are eight maps of the Pubg PC Lite

  1. Erangel
  2. Livik
  3. Miramar
  4. Vikendi
  5. Sanhok
  6. Krakin

These are the ranked maps unraked have also these maps but also other maps for the arena.

  • Arena training
  • Deathmatch
  • Domination map
  • Town assault
  • Ruins 6. gun game
  • library

Guns in Pubg PC Lite

There are many types of guns in Pubg PC lite. names of auto guns in Pubg are M416, AKM, M762, M249, SCARAL, UMP45, VECTER, DP, MK14, QBZ7, etc. there are also many types of sniper rifles, i.e. M24, Kar98, Naison rifles, AWM, Mini14, etc.

There are also nades, smoke, stun grenades, and moliton. Many of the auto guns, like M416, M762, and AKM, reload 30 bullets. But with the extended magazine and 50 bullets with a mini drum which we can find in the shopping center. Guns like DP reload about 47 bullets in one mag. M249 reloads 75 bullets in one mag, but with an extended mag, it reloads about 150 bullets.

M249, M419, SCARAL, and QBZ7 uses 5.0mm amo.M762, AKM, DP, KAR98, M24, and Nasion rifle, use 7.620mm ammo. AWM reloads 9mm ammo, which is only found in airDrop. there is also a flair gun on the map which is used to bring flair drop. Some guns that are not available on the map like Groza, AWM, etc. are available in the flair drop.

Requirements for Pubg PC Lite?

Window 7,8,10 are required for Pubg PC Lite, core i3, and 4Gb ram with 4000 graphics are also requirements for the Pubg PC Lite.

What are TDM Arena Matches?

Arena tdm matches are the games in which if you died you will come back instantly there. Its map is very small. When the TDM match starts, you already have a gun. You have to kill your enemy as fast as you can. You can also use grenades, and stuns, but the smoke is not allowed. In gun games or library matches, you can not select the gun of your own choice.

The guns are given by the Pubg developers. You can also camp in TDM. there are also many places on arena maps. like there are shades under which you can camp. As you can see to their side room easily and can kill them with no effort. You have to only see that someone comes behind from the shade.

Cases of the flop

The cause of the flop of Pubg PC Lite is only that its graphics are too low as compared to Pubg PC. On the other hand, after some time after its release, a disaster of covid has come all over the world have to face lockdown in which they were not well known about it which cause the Pubg mobile to be a hit game and make the Pubg PC Lite to flop

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