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Bullet Man 3D v1.6.9 MOD APK (Unlimited Bullets) Download


Bullet Man 3D is a simple and fun action game in which players will play as young warriors starting a journey to become a legend. In this game, players will have to perform shooting missions to reach the target and destroy them all thoroughly. Players are ready to enter a challenging, exciting adventure where only the strongest will survive. Therefore, participating in the game, players will have many opportunities to defeat the enemy forces that are covering the world.

Bullet Man 3D Bullet Man 3D


If players have previously experienced the action game genre with a stickman protagonist like Stickman Batlle Royale or Shadow Adventure, they should not ignore Bullet Man 3D this time. In essence, in this game, players will be on a journey to destroy all kinds of enemies to become a legend. Unlike previous titles, players will have to join the game alone to face an army of enemies. However, players should also prepare themselves to attack and defeat the enemy with some shooting skills.


When participating in the game, players need to prepare themselves with many survival shooting skills to defeat all enemies. Each player in Bullet Man 3D is equipped with different skills and appearances to attack and defend the enemy army. At the same time, when you encounter a target, the player will have to start aiming, and the system will automatically pin your target and then start pulling the trigger. It is an exciting shooting game in which the player will have to fight against another army of stickmen and eliminate their leader. At the same time, players should try to maintain the most extended life so that they can control their stickman to fight those opponents.


Bullet Man 3D provides players with a diverse arsenal of weapons. For the most part, each weapon has different characteristics, and you have to devise wise tactics to defeat every enemy. In addition, players should map out diverse strategies on many different missions and do not forget to find power-ups to use in the most urgent times. However, players should also maintain a cheerful spirit to control their fighting ability.

Bullet Man 3D Bullet Man 3D


In fact, the game is divided into many different levels, and the game’s difficulty also increases gradually, and players need many new tricks to pass quickly. At first, the level of play is elementary, and players only need to shoot once to defeat all of them. However, in the later stages, the player will spend more time, and at that time, the player will spend a lot of power-ups to defeat them. Besides, your enemies will mostly stand motionless in one place or move freely on the map. However, the player can attack them with various methods as long as they are successfully defeated.


To help players overcome the 1vs1 levels, the game has supported a number of high-power items for players to fight the enemy army. With a firm grip on the gun, players should shoot accurately to be able to overcome giant targets. In case of an emergency, the player can use time bombs to make them explode.

Overall, the features just mentioned above have proven that this shooting action game is highly suitable for those who love action gameplay. By joining the game, players will have many opportunities to fight with many different types of fun enemies.

Bullet Man 3D Bullet Man 3D


  • Interesting shooting game with simple gameplay, attracting players, and providing many attractive levels allowing the use of many shooting techniques to oppose the enemy.
  • New style shooting game, after the player aims to shoot and pulls the trigger, the bullet will be pinned directly to the target’s position, and the trajectory of the bullet’s direction will be changed.
  • Players are immersed in the role of a professional shooter with a noble mission to confront and destroy all enemies as quickly as possible to complete the game.
  • The game supports items for the player to use in encounters with enemies and allows the user to collect various items after each goal is completed.
  • Join the fun team battles with lots of surprises and work out the right strategies to lead the army to victory to enjoy the epic battles.


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