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Sniper Master will be a unique game that can bring players a desirable entertainment experience. If you are a particular fan of games designed in the style of FPS shooting, this will be a game that you should not miss in the collection. With this game, players will be able to participate in many different combat challenges to show off their shooting skills.

Sniper Master : City Hunter


In order for players to achieve the best experience in their game, gameplay will be an important feature. A game that has a gameplay that matches the original ideas set by the manufacturer will easily be able to attract more players to join. Because of this, after a period of research and many different tests, the gameplay has chosen a shooting action style.

The original ideas of the game are designed to be able to give its players a righteous game, rescuing innocent people. So the shooting action game will allow players to fully participate in the most exciting and intense parts of their play. In Sniper Master, players will become a sniper with the main task of destroying evil criminals and bringing justice to this world.

Sniper Master : City Hunter


Besides attractive gameplay, the game has also developed its system of different game modes for you to participate in the experience. With the online game mode, players can ultimately compete with the top snipers in the other world regarding their ability to use their guns. In addition, the offline game mode has also been created for players to be able to entertain themselves anywhere they want, even when their device is not connected to the Internet.

Moreover, for players to have a direct experience inside the best game, the graphics will also be a noticeable issue. And the developers of Sniper Master have also paid great attention to bringing their players a graphics system with the highest quality. Take part in extremely realistic simulated sniper situations with a very high level of detail through a top-notch graphics system.

Sniper Master : City Hunter


  • The game is designed according to the action game genre that will allow players to participate in the most attractive situations.
  • The gameplay is built with an FPS sniper-style with high appeal through the shots fired by the player.
  • The task set in the game is that the player needs to destroy dangerous criminals, maintain justice, and become a hero.
  • Many game modes have been created so that players can ultimately choose to fight in online or offline conditions.
  • The game’s graphics are designed with great care and detail to give players the most realistic shooting experience.


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