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Cookies Must Die v2.0.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds) Download


Participating in this game will experience unique shooting scenes and many fun battles, and you will meet many interesting characters and learn valuable lessons after playing. Moreover, the flexible motion effects on the main screen made players feel like they were lost in the most exciting and wonderful battle matrix.

Cookies Must Die


Coming to Cookies Must Die, players will have the opportunity to participate in intense shooting battles and many dangerous threats freely. Around you, there are always a lot of enemies lurking and looking for opportunities to attack; that’s why you should be alert to them at all times, should not be subjective in any situation. Proceed to perform powerful attacks to destroy all dangerous monsters bravely. You will surely defeat all the monsters and protect your city with your fighting spirit.


Cookies Must Die will allow you to upgrade your weapons on a regular basis to give them more destructive new features. Besides, you should also train your heroic characters most thoughtfully and enthusiastically. More than that, you can upgrade those characters to become true heroes, with strong fighting talent trusted by many people. You will surely complete the assigned tasks every day, thanks to your unique intelligence and tactics.

Cookies Must Die


Coming to Cookies Must Die, players have the right to compete and play with their friends in the most vibrant and burning way through different battles. With your creativity, you always know how to apply the latest things to each method of playing. Moreover, if unexpected situations arise, you still calmly handle and solve them most skillfully and smoothly. Try to win even more to show off your leaderboard to many other players.

Cookies Must Die


Cookies Must Die will let you admire a beautiful graphic with many lovely characters, creating an intense attraction for many other players. The images of the characters are sketched in detail and beautifully, creating a deep and unforgettable impression in the hearts of each player. Besides, the motion effects in the battle screens are stimulating, giving players the most realistic feeling. In addition, the background music is exceptionally vibrant and attractive, helping people increase their inspiration when playing.

Cookies Must Die


When participating in Cookies Must Die, players need to perform complicated tasks and challenges assigned each day. After solving those problems, you will gain a little more experience in each mission. Take advantage of the strength you have to perform the assigned tasks with the most ease and smoothness. Moreover, the game gives you items and many other valuable gifts. Thanks to that, you have now stopped all the scary demons and protected the peace of your beautiful city. After playing, the most crucial thing is that you have learned some valuable lessons and can apply them to many situations later.

Cookies Must Die


  • You can become a powerful and trusted agent through dangerous battles like these.
  • Stop and face a lot of different challenges and enemies. That’s why you should prepare yourself with an intelligent beat plan to apply.
  • Upgrade your weapons to become better and more effective to help players defeat all enemies quickly and skillfully.
  • Train and train heroes become vital to become the most potent forces standing up to protect the city in a time of danger like this.
  • Play and compare your achievements with many other friends, and you will learn a lot of unique fighting experiences from them.
  • Enjoy epic graphics composed of soft and cute colors, and all the images are outlined very clearly and delicately, creating a comfortable, relaxing space for players.
  • Do not be subjective and indifferent in all situations; instead, you should defend yourself in the safest way to avoid unexpected problems.
  • Experience moments of entertainment full of joy, help you have an exciting spirit, and forget the troubles in life as quickly as possible.
  • Unleash your passion for fighting through intense and thrilling battles.


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