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Crime Angel Superhero v1.1.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Energy) Download


Crime Angel Superhero – Vegas Air Strike is inspired by the once-famous Grand Theft Auto series and is now back with a completely new style. Instead of becoming the boss of the mafia gang, with this game, you will transform into a superhero with your wings and participate in adventures against crime. You can do everything you want and become the ruler of this whole city.

Crime Angel Superhero – Vegas Air Strike


Players always prioritize action-adventure game genres that aim for freedom rather than being forced to complete a specific task. Crime Angel Superhero will be what they are looking for when playing a superhero, especially having more wings to fly anywhere they want. Flying to the top of a skyscraper has never been easy in real life, but with this game, nothing is impossible.

In addition, you can control the character to move around with just a few basic control buttons available on the screen and start the journey to explore the whole city. Everything is reproduced no different from reality with images of busy people passing by and cars running on the road. This creates a genuine feeling as if you are the city’s ruler and no one can defeat you.

Crime Angel Superhero – Vegas Air Strike


Freedom to do what you want is walking around and being able to use weapons and use them to attack anyone you meet on the road. You can visit the shop with the Gun Shop sign to buy weapons at different prices depending on your money. To earn money, you must complete a series of requirements that the game offers on the left side of the screen.

There will be laws to use weapons safely because if you kill someone, the police will immediately come to the scene to surround them. It’s best to get out of there after committing the crime by robbing a car on the road to get away or hiding in a giant robot. There is a lot of fun in Crime Angel Superhero that you can experience even though it seems pretty absurd, like driving a tank and attacking people.

Crime Angel Superhero – Vegas Air Strike


  • Experience the feeling of being able to do everything you want even if it’s not allowed in real life.
  • The image is designed quite realistically with bright colors and recreates a whole city with high-rise buildings.
  • Perform adventurous but eye-catching action scenes efficiently with just a few control buttons.
  • Sound effects are carefully invested and make it feel like everything is happening right in front of your eyes.
  • Many different types of weapons for you to choose and use to attack whoever you want.


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