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Crossy Road v5.0.0 MOD APK (God Mode, No ADS) Download


Crossy Road is a fun and amusing game that takes the form of a road crossroads. Because of the fast tempo of traffic on the highways, players must think creatively. Playing video games with multiple difficulty settings, each of which is increasingly difficult than the last, is a great way to unwind.

If you’re looking for a simple game to learn and play, look no further than Crossy Road. Simply clicking anywhere on the screen moves your character in the direction you previously clicked, while sliding your character in the opposite direction changes their direction. The game Crossy Road aims to guide the animals over the road safely, even though there may be incoming traffic or crocodiles in the waters below. As the distance increases, so do the number of automobiles on the road, and their speed, making it increasingly difficult to come out on top.

It is mistaken to believe that doing nothing will eliminate all hazards. If you remain still for an extended period, an eagle will likely steal the animal you are attempting to tame. If you choose this road instead of that one, the video game screen will change to reflect your choice. The ability of the gaming screen to transition from a city to the countryside, then to the mountains, and lastly to rivers and streams is an exciting feature. Users can purchase over 150 characters, all of which are produced in a funny pixel art style, and employ these characters to spice up their levels. Although the lack of music in Crossy Road is sad, the technology that governs sound generation is excellent. When the various figures are moved, they each emit distinct and amusing sounds. In addition to the music playing in the background, gamers can hear the engine idling, music from the stereos in the vehicles, and honking horns.


  • Collect over 150 characters with a throwback aesthetic and pop art influences.
  • Hop indefinitely across highways, railroad lines, and rivers, and continue to do so eternally.
  • Using the Android Robot, navigate a kingdom of sweets while avoiding traffic.
  • Gameplay that is uncomplicated, unadulterated, and original


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