Cyber Gunner v1.0.0 MOD APK (Damage, God Mode) Download

Cyber Gunner is an exciting and hard 2D shooter with a unique way to customize your chibi character. The screen is horizontal. This is a shoot ’em up, after all. Like another old-school “shoot ’em up and get the basket” games, the gameplay is simple and easy to understand. The game will automatically shoot at the enemy, and you must move your character around the screen to avoid getting hit and still killing them.

Since the beginning of the space age, source codes have given planets a steady energy flow. After the source codes of the three planets that make the energy was suddenly exposed to huge amounts of cosmic radiation, many huge beasts changed. Because of this, the energy was spread out unevenly across the universe. Other people must move to other worlds if they want to keep living the way they do now. The leader of these mutant animals, who was very greedy, started to mess with the nearby habitable worlds that depended on the three main energy-giving planets. This caused the whole 7th Universe to fall apart.

After that, the management of Interstellar decided to carry out a rescue mission using the codename: “Do you think you could save the whole universe?” A game is similar to the classic First Person Shooter, RPG, Adventure, and Crossover genres in which the player strives to save the universe and clean it up. The gameplay combines traditional top-down shooting with various innovative ways to engage in combat. There are three distinct categories of airships, each of which can be utilized effectively against a particular type of foe. Construct a space outpost under your control and recruit more than 20 other players to serve as its inhabitants. Participate in tight space fights with your team members, each of whom has their own unique set of skills as well as cool special effects animations.

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