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Dark Knight v1.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download


If you like crime games, try Mafia Gangster Crime: Dark Knight. City streets will always have criminals. In this free game, you must lead adventurous criminal story to mafia city’s summit. In this gang environment, few can reach the top. In an open 3D universe, test your abilities in a 3D third-person shooter with RPG features. Grand city adventure quests await. You’ll see a scary, interesting world with district rules. If you’re ready to challenge yourself, show everyone who’s a true gangster in town, remove bogus competition, and build a vast underground empire.

Gangster Crime: Dark Knight

The game’s narrative is set in a big contemporary metropolis surrounded by ghetto streets, where the mafia and the DC world coexist. Tall buildings and opulent lifestyle make this metropolis a desert paradise. This wicked metropolis never sleeps and invites any who dare to defy the stone jungle with its lights. In this gripping criminal adventure, strive for success and glory.


Exciting adventure missions await you in order to obtain the game materials required for more serious objectives. You will experience a tough street life in which everyone is out for himself. The streets of the globe demand continual focus because furious gunshots might fly or gangs fight war with large-scale shootings. After completing fascinating adventure tasks, you know who and how to control this vice metropolis.


You will have a large arsenal at your disposal, with which you will not be bored. It aids the fight against criminals. Cool and pumped firearms will aid you in completing the game. Improve your agility, stamina, equipment handling, and weaponry. There is a large assortment of weaponry at the weapons store. There is something for everyone. From the tiniest knife to a powerful machine gun, you must be able to manage them all. No one will stop you if you equip yourself to the hilt.

Gangster Crime: Dark Knight


Customize your Superhero’s picture, making it distinctive, because he is your virtual fighter and should look fashionable. You may continually alter your hero’s appearance. A vast clothes store for your own gangster is at your disposal. Hats, baseball caps, masks, glasses, hilarious costumes, wigs, elegant shoes, clothes, and much more can be found in the store. Various clothing pieces improve your hero’s health, agility, or stamina. Some events provide additional superpowers.


A first-aid kit and body armor are available for purchase in the store. These essential items can also be obtained on the streets of town or captured from opponents. Stock up on defense and health restoration items ahead of time to help you survive the conflict.

Gangster Crime: Dark Knight


There are several cars to choose from throughout the game. City automobiles and sports cars. There are strong motorcycles in the store that will allow you to escape the chase quickly. A strong and highly equipped tank awaits you; the tank is the most effective tool in the game, and no mafia member will be able to stop you with it.


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