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Dark Riddle 2 – Story mode is part of the popular series of games by PAGA GROUP that tells the story of the main character and the journey to discover the mystery of a suspicious neighbor. In this game, you will be an adventure in an exciting story series and conquer different puzzles. If you need a place for your mind to stop thinking about the chaos of the real world, then this is the game for you to immerse and wander in exciting stories.

Dark Riddle 2 – Story mode


Your story is set in a particular city, where your character has just moved. This is a magical world because things here are considered different from normal; you can find different items and creatures here. However, you find your neighbor has quite a few suspicious things, and you set out to start a plan to find the answers.

Dark Riddle 2 – Story mode


While it is said that Dark Riddle 2 is a game with horror elements, that is in the story. You will not see the horror in the images because they have bright colors and are sketched quite simply. Even the fictitious elements and creatures that are not real, sometimes you will find them adorable without any fear. The graphics of Dark Riddle 2 will help you relax and become more excited by the simplicity of the highlights that it brings.

Dark Riddle 2 – Story mode


In this big world, you don’t have any strings attached. You can explore and discover everything on your own, go around and interact with the characters around you. Any quests do not limit you, so you can relax and have fun however you want in this very world.
To get valuable rewards, help and interact with your neighbors.

The neighborhood you live in is a neighborhood that is not too busy and not too quiet; everyone here can interact in a friendly way. When you collect all the required items, you can exchange yourself for a role at the crew, and you can enjoy the feeling of being an actor. But everywhere, not everyone is kind; protect your neighborhood from thieves and harassment. Catch the crooks and hand them over to the police, you’ll gain the trust of your neighbors, and you’ll be closer to your goal.


The adventure wouldn’t be fun without challenges, some of which are put in place so you can both adventure and do them. Conquer all challenges to win valuable items. Remember, every character and item in Dark Riddle 2 can make for a fascinating story. So during the mission, interact with the people a lot to expand your stories.

This is not a too difficult game but one where you can idle and enjoy going through each story. Maybe the neighbors in the neighborhood of Dark Riddle 2 always think you are a kind and straightforward person, but you always have dark plots to find out the shocking truth. Prepare yourself to face challenges and enjoy fascinating stories in this peaceful neighborhood.

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