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Dead Zed is an action game with a unique first-person shooter style, giving players a great experience. This game has realistically simulated fierce zombie wars with different battle locations. Your mission is to defend your base from the invasion of zombies with your range of powerful weapons to show off the top shots.

Dead Zed


You will play the main character and wake up in the zombie apocalypse. You still know one of the reasons why this happened, and you have to do everything you can to survive this catastrophic event to the best of your ability. While waiting for the rescue force to save you, you have to face waves of scary and extremely dangerous zombies, and you can even be eaten at any time. You will use your companion gun to protect yourself from those zombies for 40 days.


Dead Zed combines compelling survival role-playing elements with dramatic and suspenseful battles, unlike other action game genres. You will unleash powerful waves of guns at your enemies to defend yourself with the virtual joystick on the screen. You will move the shooting target by tapping and swiping on the screen and pressing the shoot button on the left side. You will become a talented shooter with the task of protecting your house, and you can even shoot continuously to prevent enemies’ movement, helping you to buy time.

Dead Zed


For players to have exciting experiences and discoveries, the game has provided players with various weapons systems such as rifles, pistols, submachine guns, etc… for you to choose freely. Each type of gun has its functions and characteristics to support players in the process of fighting, so you must know how to make the most of their capabilities. In addition, you can upgrade your weapon to increase its effectiveness when shooting and can be used more flexibly for many days. In particular, you can switch between your two favorite guns, so you should choose the most powerful guns to equip when fighting.


As you progress further in the game, the zombies will know your location, and they will come back to eat you, so there is no safe place to hide. You can still unlock new hiding places to rest but will soon be discovered, so you must always be ready to fight. At the same time, you have to move flexibly between locations to distract the enemy and protect your base from enemy attacks.

Dead Zed


You can also receive many other goals to collect vast amounts of cash to upgrade weapons with attractive missions. Completing these requirements helps you earn a lot of money and many valuable rewards and enables you to achieve high achievements.


Dead Zed will take you to many different areas to participate in fierce battles, from the city’s outskirts to the green lawns, the abandoned wasteland to give players new experiences. In addition, you will be able to explore different backgrounds of attractive locations thanks to sharp 3D graphics. The realistic scenes will excite players and make players not take their eyes off the screen.

Dead Zed


  • Addictive zombie shooting game with an overhead view to see more clearly and intuitively, making it easier for players to take down enemies.
  • Use a robust and diverse arsenal to deal with the zombie attack: rifles, pistols, sniper rifles, … with their solid characteristics and combat abilities.
  • Unlock new battle locations as you progress further in the game for players to explore and experience recent locations and possibly more hiding places from enemy attacks.
  • Many zombies with outstanding strength require players to fight with all their might and be flexible in battles to be able to survive longer and protect their home
  • Upgrade your advanced weapons to deal with the zombies and increase the rate of fire and damage to enemies, helping you win and have attractive rewards.


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