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Download Bazooka Boy v1.16.1 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) for Android


Bazooka Boy has officially returned; with this promising upgrade, the game has really won the hearts of everyone who has been experiencing the game. The main gameplay of the game is to destroy and destroy the enemy base. Eye-catching graphics along with simple character creation but brings humor and laughter to players. An extremely excellent entertainment game; experience the game right away to receive attractive gifts.

Bazooka Boy Bazooka Boy


The gameplay style of the game is still destroying enemy bases and buildings. When entering the battle, the player will have to accurately align the direction and force of the bomb to move most accurately and blow up the enemy bases. In addition, the items that players have will also contribute to increasing the victory rate when they can help your bomb have more terrible damage as well as explode with a large area.

Bazooka Boy Bazooka Boy


Bazooka Boy has various weapons for players to choose from depending on the match and their own preferences. Once players reach higher levels, they will receive more and more good weapons, and these great weapons will help players conquer higher levels as well as destroy enemy bases quickly.

Bazooka Boy Bazooka Boy


In addition to entertainment when experiencing the game, players will receive many attractive gifts sent through the mailbox. These gifts will unlock excellent and potent weapons as well as precious items used to upgrade the player’s weapon to become stronger. After completing the stages and winning, players will also receive other equally attractive gifts, so use them purposefully and effectively.

Bazooka Boy is truly a game that is both easy to play and receives excellent gifts. With fun and humorous action gameplay, the game has attracted many players in the world and received much positive feedback from the experiencers. Graphics and sound are also highly vivid, making it possible for players to immerse themselves in the game and join their characters to destroy and destroy the enemy base.


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