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Download Los Angeles Crimes v1.6.1 APK + MOD (Unlimited Ammo)


If you are bored with the usual role-playing games, then this game will definitely not disappoint you. Los Angeles Crimes gives you a breath of fresh air with a massive open world that lets you become a city hunter roaming the streets. Play the role of a good shooter and go find the “prey” to destroy; there are many things that you need to explore; they are fascinating.

Los Angeles Crimes


In Los Angeles Crimes, you are transformed into a crazy and defiant gangster. Here you can do the craziest things you want, drive cars and disrupt the peace of the city, hunt enemies, and explore the endless open world.

Los Angeles Crimes


Have you ever seen a game as crazy as Los Angeles Crimes? Open world with well-decorated and beautiful locations, but the beauty of dusty and distant. In this city, you can travel without anyone stopping or bothering you, making crazy chases on any car. While on the mission, you can do anything and go anywhere; you can even hop on any vehicle to start your adventure carelessly. With a third-person perspective, choose for yourself a good view so you can see everything without limits.

Los Angeles Crimes


For starters, you can choose your character according to your gender and shape and what you want. Through the first few missions, some weapons will be given to you as a gift to the new player. Then, collect a lot of weapons and equipment to be able to hunt the enemy most refreshingly.

Los Angeles Crimes


Besides the undeniable beauty of this open world, the visual effects will also make you admire it. The actions and gestures of the characters are breathtakingly beautiful and vivid in every detail. The action details are carefully described so that you can satisfy the refreshment in the game; this element of capturing the player’s psychology has made the game record a big plus in the hearts of players.

Los Angeles Crimes


You thought the job in this game was just chasing and shooting? No, the life of a high-class gangster would not be so bland. Only when you receive the quest to destroy can you go on the road and go crazy searching and eliminating. Since Los Angeles Crimes allows you to role-play in many different genres, this can be considered the biggest attraction of this game.

You can play heavy sports, drive cars or even planes in airplane mode, kill zombies and save the world with your friends. No fi is impossible, and you can’t imagine how many more surprises are waiting for you unless you can join now to discover.

However, be careful because, at any time, you can be destroyed by a sneak shooter, have wise strategies but still be crazy the way you want. Lifelike graphics will make you utter joy in every action. Enjoy the diverse and beautiful world as a classy gangster with Los Angeles Crimes.


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