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Dungeon Manager v1.21 MOD APK (Free Rewards, Menu) Download


The game brings excellent experiences to players. You can choose your favorite heroes. Through battles to train your hero’s abilities and skills. His intelligence creates the most effective strategy to defeat the opponent. One of the exciting things that Dungeon Manager brings is the merge feature. By merging 3 items or 3 monsters of the same type, they will be upgraded to a higher and more modern version. The fusion is suitable for all types of items.

Dungeon Manager : Mine King Dungeon Manager : Mine King


Players can choose their hero and train and train stronger heroes to help them in battles. You need to equip them with quality and modern items. The game is also straightforward to use; with just a few simple movements, you can also have exciting and comfortable explorations. Defeating ferocious monsters helps your hero to rank up the fastest. In addition, players also receive countless valuable items.


After completing the first level, the player will be granted the right to build their own dungeon. Build the most beautiful and unique dungeon. Besides, players also need to manage their dungeons well. Here you can exploit many kinds of rare and unique stones. The dungeon is yours, so you have the right to design and change the space for it. You can add new dungeons or expand the area for the dungeons and go deeper.


Players can participate in raids to loot and rob other people’s equipment by attacking other people or entering their dungeons to steal their goods and belongings. In addition, you can take revenge on those who attacked you and make them pay for the exploitation of your wealth. Players are allowed to reclaim items taken or force those people to compensate them with money.


You will become the best master of command through training and captaining countless legions of monsters. Dungeon Manager provides more than 240 types of monsters for you. Your army of monsters can be in charge of various functions such as defense, attack, and exploitation. Always make your army stronger in terms of both skills and useful plans to bring the fight to victory one step closer.


– Equip heroes with adequate combat gear.
– As a dungeon master.
– The intense battles take place continuously, attracting players.
– Build a strong squad.
– Merge items to upgrade them.


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