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ExiTS will bring a breath of fresh air to the players, and it’s the excitement that creates the relevant impressions. This is a unique adventure-oriented game, combined with an interesting survival element to help players conquer challenges. The player will get lost in an empty room, and you have to get out of that room as quickly as possible. The cold there can take your life if you hesitate and hesitate. Only you have the useful features to get out of that lonely room.

EXiTS – Room Escape Game EXiTS – Room Escape Game


It seems that your enemies have taken advantage of the loophole and pushed you into a dark room. This room has been abandoned for a long time, and you cannot get out because every door is locked. The numbers that unlock the door are exactly what you need to find right now because that’s the only way to get you out. You have to get out quickly because this cold can take your life if you can’t stand it.


Now you have to develop all the survival abilities you have in order to escape. Players can use available weapons or available items to create fire to warm themselves first. Use the clues as well as decipher the pieces of paper in the room to find the best number. You also need to check to see if there are any openings to use this door pry. Look around for useful items to help you defeat the creatures in the room.


You have found the cipher numbers to open this door in the fastest way, and it is these things that reassure you that you are still alive. Now you need to immediately find your enemies to attack them because they are the masterminds this time. Dangers will always appear, and you must use weapons to protect yourself. Computing with the person who harmed you is what you should do right now, and the game will help you do it.

EXiTS – Room Escape Game EXiTS – Room Escape Game


  • You get lost in an empty room, and it seems that all the enemies want you to die in that very room.
  • You must use all your abilities and intelligence to find the password to unlock that room.
  • Must use what is necessary as well as what is available to avoid the freezing cold in that lonely room.
  • Examine every nook and cranny in that room in the hope of finding some magical exit from there.
  • Once you get out, investigate all the enemies to see who’s been messing with you and start defeating it right away.

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