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Falcon Squad v89.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Galaxy Force: Falcon Squad will be an exceptional galactic shooting game for players who are passionate about shooting planes. If shooting action shooting situations always give you great inspiration, this will be a suitable game for you. With this game, you will be participating in a unique world of shooting games such as Galaxia, Galaga, Galactica, and Galaxian with entirely new and individual battles.


To lead and initiate the situations in the game, the plot will be an excellent place to start. Start in the special vast galaxy that includes the wonderful Earth you are protecting. You will be a captain, the leader of a team of warriors to protect the galaxy against events and dangers. The game will give you a beautiful, engaging story that can bring you to the challenge and try to overcome it to achieve the purpose of the plot.

But unfortunately, the galaxy that your team is protecting is under fierce attack from Alien Shooters, whose goal is to invade this galaxy. And this will be the time for you to prove your talent through the task of protecting the galaxy. Prepare the spaceship, all the latest weapons of the squad to be able to deal with those hateful invaders. The battle will be taking place soon!

Galaxy Force: Falcon Squad Galaxy Force: Falcon Squad


The most important thing that the game needs to achieve with shooting games is definitely perfection in gameplay. You will be tested your abilities through a system of more than 140 different levels of play with many fierce enemies and new battlefields. And the manufacturer of the game has given players a spaceship shooting gameplay in the galaxy that is extremely attractive, engaging to each battle.

In addition, you will also face Epic Bosses that appear suddenly in your levels. Be really focused on your match; destroy all the hateful minions to be able to confront the giant Epic Boss with unique moves. What’s more, players will be able to fully participate in the notable PvP battles that the game has prepared. Players can confront their friends in the fiercest matches with this game mode to find the ultimate winner.


Not only will the gameplay give you the best feeling, but the graphics will also be an essential part. The manufacturer of Galaxy Force has paid great attention to investing and developing the game in terms of graphics to bring itself the best display quality. From there, players will be able to feel their dramatic shooting action situations in a highly realistic way.

Moreover, the creative designers of the game will also give you a variety of details in the game. From spaceships, planes with beautiful designs to ammunition, guns, advanced weapons, all will be in the game’s arsenal for players to visit and choose from. Choose the equipment that best suits you.

A galaxy shooting game will always give players the best experience. And to be able to experience that feeling, the Galaxy Force will be an extremely suitable choice. The game will bring you a lot of exciting experiences, from the story told to the different game modes to the superb graphics. Come to the game and participate in the most special battles!


  • Play online shooting games with your pals, form a space squad, and place your name on the worldwide leaderboard.
  • You may also play games without having access to the internet.
  • Beautiful pixel visuals harken back to classic vintage games and suit vertical shooters. Epic, thrilling aerial battles are waiting for a genuine hero to arrive.
  • There are over 140 levels to go through, each with its own set of hard foes and beautiful action.
  • Wipe away a swarm of minions before taking on the difficult and furious encounters with the huge bosses.
  • There are several spacecraft, as well as supporting drones, beautiful wings, ammo, and weaponry, all with multiple upgrading choices.
  • More real space combat may be had in various modes such as Endless, Tournament, and so on, or by participating in live events for even more prizes, excitement, and involvement.
  • PVP matches are a great way to challenge your friends or random gamers. Fight to become the top player on the worldwide leaderboard!

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