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Diggy’s Adventure will be a game that gives you the experience of participating in the most challenging puzzles to receive the rewards you deserve. If you are a lover of adventure-style games, this is a game you should not miss. With this game, complex tasks will be given in the form of questions, and players will need to use their intelligence to find the final answer.

Diggy's Adventure: Family Maze


In order for players to participate in the most beautiful part of the game, gameplay will always be a feature to pay attention to. A game that can have its attractive gameplay will be able to attract a lot of players to join, even new players on the first login. Because of this, the manufacturer of the game has also given its players a play designed in an exciting adventure style.

Coming to their game, the players will be lost entirely in a new world with the desire to be able to discover new things. The game’s system has also developed a special puzzle system for players that allows them to perform elementary game operations. More than 1000 fascinating puzzles designed by many different civilizations will be brought to their players so they can find the solution.

Diggy's Adventure: Family Maze


Besides attractive gameplay, the game challenges set will also be a desirable feature that requires players to overcome. The special questions that the game wants to bring to its players will be designed in the form of a maze with more than 500 different tasks. With each different maze task, there will be a unique point and a separate difficulty that the player needs to use his mind to win.

In addition, maze puzzles will also be developed with different exciting game contexts that have been uniquely designed. The game’s intricate mazes will be designed with many different stories to be able to lead its players to fancy mythical locations. This will be the destination for players to receive a well-deserved reward for their puzzle efforts with many precious treasures that have been carefully buried.

Diggy's Adventure: Family Maze


Moreover, when participating in the implementation of exciting challenges that have been set, players will need to go through the characters of the game. To be able to bring you an amazing variety in your play, the game also has a special system with more than 500 characters to be able to interact with. The characters will have their own shape and miner job, and when you click on each character’s avatar, you will be able to check out their loot.

And so that its players can constantly own new experiences, the game will also always update its system. With each version, updates will be sent to you weekly with lots of new content to be brought. Many new puzzles will be designed and added to your gameplay, along with new temples that will make you have the most enjoyable experience.

Diggy's Adventure: Family Maze


The last feature designed for its players to get the best experience is the game’s graphics. In order for a game to bring its players the images that best suit the gameplay or the challenges posed, the manufacturer needs to research very carefully. So your graphics system with Diggy’s Adventure will be the most realistic depiction of your Adventure and treasure hunt.

The images brought to players inside their play will always be guaranteed with the highest quality maintained. A 2D visual system combined with challenges will be able to help players can best focus on their play. All the most minor details, from the image of the character to the context of the mazes and temples, will be created to be able to simulate the most realistic player.

Diggy's Adventure: Family Maze


  • The game is built in a special adventure genre that allows players to participate in fascinating journeys.
  • The gameplay that the game creates will be designed with a puzzle style with special requirements for thinking to be able to find the answer.
  • Join the game as a miner and start the journey to solve the difficult underground mazes.
  • With many challenges, the maze will lead players to a legendary location with extremely valuable treasures.
  • The game’s graphics are designed with 2D funny cartoon style images that allow them to participate in the best mission.

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