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FFVII The First Soldier is a famous action game in the game series that is no longer strange to gamers. Large-scale wars will break out, and you will participate in this fierceness. Countless difficult challenges and giant monsters, are you brave enough and determined to start conquering them? Join the battle for survival and prove you are strong and smart here.

FFVII The First Soldier


The setting of FFVII, The First Soldier, is taken 30 years before the story of Final Fantasy VII. This is an army that is being formed and is being tested. They have a system with a huge scale with the bravest but bravest warriors. They have weapons beyond imagination and even more advanced machines than ever before. Many types of equipment that you probably won’t find in any previous version are more impressive and unique than ever.

FFVII The First Soldier

This is not just an ordinary action game, and the gameplay is not as simple as other survival games. This game is a combination of many mythical and fantasy elements that take us out of reality. The combination of legendary characters, transcendental magic, and creepy monsters will make you feel the shivers while in the game.


It’s no wonder that this game is called a masterpiece by many critics and players alike. The game has graphics that cannot be called normal because everything is too magnificent, from the character simulation to the harmonious combination of light and dark colors. The striking effect in the dark background also highlights each battle.

FFVII The First Soldier

If you have been a familiar player of the previous parts, you will feel extremely excited by the familiar scenes and will also enjoy waiting for the strange and new. There will be surprises that are both strange and familiar that will make you standstill. All the scenes bring us to a magical, magical world and take us to magical emotions that we have not thought of before.


Your mission throughout this game is to collect equipment and weapons scattered somewhere in this large world. Along the way, you will meet unexpected opponents and enemies, which may be stronger than you and also vice versa. Never give in to them because you can only win when you are the last one alive in this game. You will receive unique rewards as you fight and defeat those mighty monsters. And the more robust the monster, the more significant rewards you will get.

FFVII The First Soldier


Each battle will stimulate all your senses, and you must be very focused on the match. Because with just a little opening, you will be mercilessly destroyed. Practicing reflexes and using smart strategies also helps you become stronger and stronger.

Besides that, the beautiful attacks will make you feel heartbroken and refreshed. They will not be gentle and slow like other simple action games; everything will become chaotic and tragic when you encounter enemies. All weapons will be used, and you will have to do how to handle the enemy wholly and quickly.

FFVII The First Soldier


– The story of Solder 30 years before Final Fantasy VII
– Scary beasts
– A brilliant and brilliant combination of elements of magic, heroes, monsters,…
– Attacks with beautiful effective responses
– New surprises but still familiar scenes from previous seasons
– Experience the sensation of stimulating all senses when playing the game
– Lots of equipment and weapons for players to collect along the way


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