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Fire Strike v3.45 MOD APK (Menu: No Recoil/Spread/Aim Assist) Download


Fire Strike will let you immerse yourself in the battle, and you are the superhero protecting this large city. This is a high-end electronic shooting action game that combines to create the perfect battle. The city has appeared strange attackers, and you will have to face them by chasing or maybe attacking to get them out of the city where you live. The game will give you the most advanced weapons and vehicles available today so you can join the match.

Fire Strike – Gun Shooter FPS


The city you live in suddenly appears a few strangers, and they have dangerous actions that can affect the people. More specifically, they carried guns and shot and killed innocent people on the street. Indeed their action was to take over the city and make it a colony under their control. But if we continue to act without hesitation, we will not let them be.

Now you must summon the heroes of the city and fight together to protect this peaceful city. Players need to clearly define the goal as well as the direction of action to minimize the number of deaths. More specifically, it would help if you showed your peak shooting ability; the ultimate goal is to kill those who have attacked innocent people in the city.

Fire Strike – Gun Shooter FPS


You need to clearly divide the goals as well as the direction of action for your teammates to grasp. Players need to use all the right guns to attack those enemies. Fire Strike is always ready to assist you if you voice your desire to use other guns or ammunition. The game also helps you upgrade your weapons to the most advanced to fight all those enemies.

In a modern first-person perspective, players need to align the barrel to hit the enemy immediately to shoot. Each fight will be brutal if they are too strong or can also be obstructed my vision. Use the game’s unique terrain map to see where they’re hiding. I firmly grasp All-terrain in the city, so the victory this time will definitely belong to me.

Fire Strike – Gun Shooter FPS


One by one, other strangers appeared, and that is the worry that we are suffering. The people in the city are increasingly terrified of the cruel torture actions of that enemy. We must quickly mobilize forces to attack them before they continue to kill innocent people.

A variety of weapons to serve us have been provided; more specifically, the fast transport is also added by Fire Strike. Using extremely sharp 3D images along with vivid sound has created a fascinating picture for this game. Players will be overwhelmed by the advanced weapons as well as the treasures we receive after each battle.

Through this, it is also clear to see the attraction that Fire Strike brings. The attacks, despite being pushed to the weak, but our heroes still participated enthusiastically. The combination of strength and intelligence also makes the game a complete victory. Be the hero of the whole city and fight hard for a noble cause.


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