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Forsaken Hospital is an entertaining game with an exciting survival style. You will be in a spooky hospital and fight evil doctors with worthy things surrounding you. In particular, the game also possesses high-quality graphics, giving players an authentic horror experience. Besides, puzzles full of horror require players to be brave to overcome.

Forsaken Hospital | Horror


The game takes place in a hospital located in the north of Morocco. This hospital is known for being a place where doctors perform illegal surgeries and cruelly torture patients. However, in 1995, the government exposed the hospital’s crimes and forced its permanent closure. After eight years, Richard Farroukh, an expert in paranormal phenomena, visited this hospital after receiving permission from the government to document the surroundings of this abandoned hospital for many years.

But when he arrived at the hospital, Richard saw supernatural things going on and noticed that the place was not empty and there were ghostly sounds of dead patients. After searching for a while, he discovered that there was a doctor here. Richard tried to talk to the doctor but saw that the doctor was trying to pursue him, so Richard tried to escape, but unfortunately, he was arrested and detained in the operating room. So Richard’s goal must now change from exploring the hospital to running from this dark hospital.

Forsaken Hospital | Horror


When locked in the operating room, you have to search for objects around, such as keys, axes, or anything that helps you to unlock the door. Then, the game will open up two paths for you to choose from, and each choice will have many unexpected situations happening to you.

Forsaken Hospital | Horror


During the game, you will encounter challenging puzzles and have to solve them. In the early stages, the puzzles will be quite simple, but later on, they will be more and more complicated, requiring the player to have intelligence. In addition, players will also get acquainted with the control system to move the character and solve puzzles. You can use the flashlight to search for items and see the way. If the player knows how to use puzzles wisely, he can escape this hospital.

Forsaken Hospital | Horror


– Experience the horror survival gameplay and have to try to survive in the terrible hospital.
– Attractive role-playing gameplay with high-quality graphics and engaging story.
– Challenging puzzles that require players to have excellent and accurate solutions.
– Scary atmosphere gives players creepy experiences.
– Players must find a way to escape death in 3 days and overcome the terrifying challenges to survive.

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