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Enemy troops are making diabolical attacks on your area, and now FPS Squad has entrusted you with an important responsibility. You are the famous sniper that many people know, and only you have the courage to confront those attacks. Your shooting ability is greatly appreciated, and you can use two guns simultaneously and still keep the temperament. Now you are a soldier of the army, taking on the critical responsibility of protecting this vast border area.

FPS Squad – Gun Shooting Games


The mission this time is to support the new army and carry out urgent matters personally. The enemy side is trying to provoke you and make an attack on your army area. You are a famous shooter and have the ability to aim high, so you need to perform this mission. It would help if you discussed with the military to come up with effective attack directions as well as provide support when needed most.

FPS Squad – Gun Shooting Games


You will perform skydiving from a prime location to reach the target you are aiming for. The military will provide you with various guns, and depending on the conditions; you use the most appropriate. At the same time, you also need to use a capture map to help you promote your ability to shoot through positioning radar. Players also need to change their guns constantly to be able to promote the ability to shoot down enemy arrows.

FPS Squad – Gun Shooting Games


After you reach the target and shoot down the enemies outside, you should also go straight to their base. Important information will be hidden very carefully, and that’s why you need to get it to serve your army. At the same time, you also need to destroy all the talented generals on the other side to threaten and frighten them. The next thing you should do is quell their dark intentions, quell their thoughts of returning to attack.

FPS Squad – Gun Shooting Games


  • Accept urgent tasks and discuss with leaders to come up with the most effective attack directions.
  • Land on the ground after a unique parachute jump and try to avoid the eyes of all those despicable enemies.
  • Perform unique sniping scenes and try to follow the trail of suspects appearing in your area.
  • Use the map of your area to be able to find the exact directions and make a quick raid.
  • Achieve the most remarkable feat and try to defeat the evil intentions of turning back to attack the hateful enemies.


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