Golmaal Jr. v1.3.235 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Golmaal Jr will be a game that can give its players unlimited entertainment possibilities that are extremely attractive. If you are a fan of unlimited running games, this is definitely a game that you should not miss in your collection. You will be involved in a never-ending fascinating cycling track with unique obstacles throughout the journey with the game.

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For games built to give their players the highest level of entertainment, gameplay will be an essential feature. The gameplay will be the main soul so that the game makers can bring their players the most attractive gameplay. That’s why Golmaal Jr has also been researched and developed for itself a beautiful Endless Runner-style gameplay system.

This is exceptionally familiar gameplay but has an irresistible attraction for all players who have ever participated. Players will start their play with the main character and a long road ahead with obstacles. This is a never-ending road, and players will need to show the best character control skills to be able to overcome the challenges that have been set.


And to be able to give its players the most enjoyable experience, the stories inside will play a key role. The first thing that developers want to be able to open up to their experiencers is the main context that the game defines. Entering the game, you will be taken to the vibrant Golden Hills city, with many different activities taking place inside the city.

Besides, the characters will appear inside this city with exciting bicycles. The activities brought to its players by Golmaal Jr will undoubtedly be controlling a group of children with their bikes inside the vibrant Golden Hills. And with the context set on their own running track, the characters will have to face many street-specific obstacles.

BMX Blast 2021 BMX Blast 2021


The next thing the game wants to be able to build for its players inside the game is the character system. In order to bring more choices and different changes inside the game, a special system with many other characters is ready. You will be able to choose from fun characters with your own unique bikes to start your exploration.

Right in the journey, you will undoubtedly encounter consecutive obstacles that need to be overcome, such as vehicles, traffic lights, repaired roads, and more. Your task is to perform the most basic swipes on the screen to be able to guide the character to ride his bike through the challenge. To be able to synchronize with your actions, the character inside the game will also be designed with the steps Run, Slide, Fly, Race, Jump, Explosion extremely fun.


The last feature that will play an essential role in the player’s experience is the graphics and sound. The game has equipped itself with a special graphics system to give its players the visual experience that is always at the highest level of sharpness. Leading creators have carefully researched and designed all images from characters, obstacles, street scenes, or moving effects.

Along with the exceptional graphics, the sound is also a feature that the developer of Golmaal Jr is hugely interested in. To be able to simulate to your players the experience of driving on the street in the most realistic way, the sound will also need to be carefully prepared. The sound effects that appear inside the game have been carefully designed and created to bring the perfect experience from the background music.

BMX Blast 2021 BMX Blast 2021


  • The game is designed in the very familiar Endless Runner style but will bring an incredibly engaging experience.
  • The context of the game is built on the crowded, bustling, busy streets of the city of Golden Hills.
  • The main task set inside of the game will be that the player controls his characters to overcome obstacles on the road.
  • The system is full of fun characters with different shapes that will influence their bicycles to participate in the run.
  • Graphics and sound are features that are interested in by game developers, developed to give players the best experience.

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