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HeyHa Royale brings players to 4vs.4 gun battles with fast speed and full of tactics. Players will use the typical control style of this genre and try to destroy the enemies they see. At the same time, the skills will come with the guns that you unlock, and you can make upgrades to improve performance and get new skills.

HeyHa Royale-Mobile FPS


At the start of HeyHa Royale’s level, players will accompany other players to win a 4vs.4 battle. Each character is equipped with a weapon from the beginning, so they will find ways to increase the number of points so that their team can win. At the same time, an interesting point that this game brings is that there is a limit to the number of points and one team only needs to reach thirty points before the other to win. It will undoubtedly be an exciting battle in the game.

The environment is quite limited in size, and this is purely geared towards battles being played out all the time. Specifically, players can quickly grasp the environment in the game and conveniently move inside it. At the same time, they can immediately find their enemies and start looking for ways to destroy them. You will be able to respawn after every kill and need to be careful when engaging in battle when there is danger anywhere.

HeyHa Royale-Mobile FPS


As mentioned above, each character is equipped with a weapon in HeyHa Royale, so they will confidently join the battle any time they want. At the same time, similar to other shooting games, they are forced to use their control skills to control in detail all the actions of the character. A match in this game will fastly end because the goal is quite small, and the level of fighting is constantly happening quickly.

An interesting point that this game gives players is the number of diverse weapons and skills they can bring. Specifically, the player can create a wall to shield from enemies and block their attacks. Alternatively, you can change your experience and use tactical skills like separate when creating a separate just like you. The skill system is what makes players feel curious.

Winning the game screen will come with impressive rewards with unexpected elements that players cannot ignore. Specifically, the game will give them many face-down cards, and their job is to choose the card they want. There won’t be any hints, and it’s all done at random. At the same time, these rewards can be gold coins, fragments of a gun, and various other rewards.

HeyHa Royale-Mobile FPS


As mentioned above, players can change skills when changing weapons in HeyHa Royale, so they will want to collect different weapons in the game. At the same time, the weapons in this game are divided in terms of quality, with R being the lowest level, and these weapons all have stat characteristics that you will try to improve. That helps you kill enemies faster and can develop the gun’s potential.

Players will find two upgrade mechanisms that are promoted and upgraded, and their mechanics are different. Specifically, the upgrade is a mere upgrade mechanism in terms of stats and consumes many energy resources and gold coins to have a change in stats for the gun you use. Promote also changes stats when breaking the limit for the gun and unlocking new skills. Also, the main ingredient of that promotion is using fragments of the weapon.

HeyHa Royale-Mobile FPS

Players will not be able to take their eyes off the impressive 4vs.4 gun battles:

  • Players will be taken to a limited-sized environment where constant battles occur, and each team will strive for 30 kills.
  • Each character is equipped with a weapon to destroy the enemy and a unique skill corresponding to their weapon.
  • Players will find different face-up cards, and depending on their luck, they can find coins, fragments of guns, and many other rewards.
  • Players will be able to unlock new weapons with different qualities and stats to equip their characters and choose the suitable gameplay.
  • Skills possessed by weapons can be unlocked through the promotion mechanism, and their stats are also improved through upgrades.


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