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Seekers Notes is a puzzle game that combines finding objects and solving match-three levels. You will learn the story of the city of Darkwood, which is under a strange curse. At the same time, you will enter intricately designed areas so that you can find what is required. In addition, you can also easily find challenging match-three levels that you try to complete within a limited time.

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery

In Seekers Notes, players will find Chalet’s new location and the characters associated with this location. Of course, the appearance of a completely new area entails different challenges and events that you will need to participate in. Events that give you stunning rewards and the discovery of strange found objects. So it will continue your journey to rescue Darkwood.


The setting that the player finds in Seekers Notes is set in a city called Darkwood, and a mystery is the appearance of Ghostly Mist. That made the city cursed, and gradually the citizens also suffered from its ill effects. At the same time, the story will revolve around a character appearing in a strange room, and when he approached the window, he was frightened through ghosts. But then another interesting thing started to react.

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery

The character looks to a corner and sees a location emitting light; he gradually approaches and finds a map. Then, he ran out of the room and met a strange man in a suit who was utterly polite. The man calls the protagonist Seeker and says that the map chose him, so it is his responsibility to rescue Darkwood from the current curse. After speaking, a bird appears, and the man’s disappearance marks the beginning of the protagonist’s journey.

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery


In Seekers Notes, players will find two main experiences: finding objects and solving match-three levels. For finding objects, you will go to any location that the map provides, and there will be different requirements that you need to fulfill. The level begins, and you will see a list of items that you need to find to look closely at by zooming in every position in the room. This experience will get more and more challenging as you go through various locations.

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery

The second experience is equally enjoyable as you will find various gems and you are forced to collect some required salary. An interesting point that you will be able to see in the match-three mechanism of this game is that instead of specifying the number of moves, you will need to complete the level in a certain amount of time. So you will use what you have to complete the level as quickly as possible as boosters by matching more than three elements.

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery


Each level will give you some items as a reward in Seekers Notes, so they are useful in many cases. Some quests will require an item created by them, so you will need to gather enough materials and combine them to continue your journey.

Journey to the city of Darkwood brings many exciting things for players:

  • The main character is the one chosen by the map, so he will start the journey to free Darkwood from the curse of Ghostly Mist.
  • You will accompany this character to enter many different locations provided by the map and search for the necessary items.
  • Each location has its own beautiful, detailed, and intricate design that you need to observe and find essential objects.
  • Match-three levels bring requirements that you must complete through unlimited moves and race against time.
  • You can’t miss any new events that have just been launched, along with a new location that will surely spur your exploration needs.

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