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Hijacker Jack brings players to a life of complete impression and richness when going through many points in FMV and feeling the realism it brings. Players will spend time discovering the excitement of the game and making quick and accurate choices to continue the events in the game. At the same time, in some cases, battles are unavoidable, so players will need to protect themselves and launch precise attacks.

Hijacker Jack – Famous. Rich. Wanted.


In Hijacker Jack, the player will come to a prisoner trying to escape and has seen two warden’s cars. He quickly grabbed a car, escaped from the police chase, and attacked anyone who wanted to get close. He continued to move to the location marked on the minimap that he owned and then changed into a new set of clothes and left his crime behind.

He got a gun and continued his journey until a character suddenly attacked him. He wakes up to find himself tied up and the others plotting something against him, and then it ends with the character’s past. Then the player will find himself on a completely luxurious yacht, and this is the character’s current life that you will be able to experience, and of course, there are many surprises for you.

Hijacker Jack – Famous. Rich. Wanted.


Players will play the main character in Hijacker Jack and observe everything from a first-person perspective, and players will realize this is an FMV. At the same time, players will be able to see all the activities in the most realistic way and the dramatic scenes that players can come across while enjoying a new life behind the dark past. In addition, players will have the task of developing their character and choosing the action they want to perform.

When the player goes to a specific place, the player will surely know which elements he can interact with because the effect highlights them. The player selects an element and then performs the corresponding action. For example, players will be able to go to the gym and choose different types of exercises, and of course, players will use the joystick and corresponding buttons to control this action.

Hijacker Jack – Famous. Rich. Wanted.

Besides exciting activities to learn about the character’s life, players also have to find ways to develop the story behind the character’s life. When the player encounters a character or an event, the choices will appear before you. You will need to choose a reasonable interaction plan, and of course, they will have different consequences and require players to be careful. Undoubtedly, many activities require the player to decide firmly and quickly.


A remarkable point in Hijacker Jack is that players will find problems and must make careful decisions. This element appears clearly at the beginning of the game screen with the case of choosing a means to escape. So, if you make the wrong choice, you are forced to return to the previous checkpoint, and in addition, some cases do not allow you to make the wrong choice because it can affect the outcome like challenging battles.

Hijacker Jack – Famous. Rich. Wanted.

Players can meet a mysterious character and possess a weapon, and inevitably, the two sides will rush to attack each other. Therefore, players will try to find ways to protect themselves with the corresponding buttons and counterattack quickly. With a first-person perspective, you will be absorbed in the battle and try to attack the enemy continuously until he is completely annihilated. Indeed, players will not be able to take their eyes off the experience that this game brings.

Players will not be able to take their eyes off these amazing FMVs

  • Players will accompany a character with a rather dark past and learn about the character’s present life with diverse and luxurious activities.
  • Players can see dramatic scenes while the protagonist is on tour and keep the story going through many actions in the game.
  • In some cases, players will see some choices that require them to decide, and they need to think carefully.
  • One point that any player will need to pay attention to is that dangers can appear at any time and sometimes cause players to fail.
  • The battles are not to be missed, and you will need to use reasonable defense and attack actions to take down the enemies in front of you.


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