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Psyroom is a horror role-playing game. This is not an adventure but a survival. The strange mental hospital where the player is locked has only one perverted doctor. Under torture and arousing fear in your heart, every day that passes is a dark day. Your mission is to escape from here at all costs.

Psyroom: Horror of Reason


The player assumes the role of an ordinary person who is forced to become a patient during the “Survival #666” campaign. This is a nightmare for the people locked in this hospital because no one can escape. Not only that, but they also have to deal with fears that are evoked and enhanced into monsters that crush and torture them every day. The perverted doctor always visits with scary scissors. Can you successfully get out of this nightmare?!

Psyroom: Horror of Reason


Waking up in a mental hospital bed in Psyroom, you don’t know where the address is or where the exit is. The only thing you know is that this place is just you and the doctor and the monsters he created. The hospital is simulated very creepily when it is dark everywhere. The objects in this hospital also hide a scary story. Too many rooms and long corridors with no end in sight. How to find the exit?

Psyroom: Horror of Reason


Every day the perverted doctor’s name will appear at night. Observe his actions to know his schedule and habits. From there, please take advantage of when he is not there; you will explore areas in the hospital. Look for relevant clues. They will lead you to the key to getting out of here. Be careful not to let the doctor find out that you have escaped otherwise; he will catch you back very quickly!

Psyroom: Horror of Reason


  • Transformed into a man locked in a mental hospital in “Survival #666”, a lifeless campaign
  • The perverted doctor’s name evokes fears in your psyche and makes it a big monster to torture you
  • The hospital is strange; there is no one but you and the doctor, but always makes others creepy with its darkness, echoing noises as if someone is watching
  • Many rooms and long corridors have no destination, so it isn’t easy to find the way out. Looking for small clues to connect them
  • Endure and observe the visiting hours and habits of the sick doctor to take advantage of the time to escape

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