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Horrorfield opens a battle between the survivors and the killer, who tries to prevent them from escaping. Escaping characters require repairing a number of generators and being careful with the elements around them. At the same time, the maniac could find screams or wounded targets easily. All could not take their eyes off the attractive game screen.

Horrorfield Multiplayer horror


In Horrorfield, players will participate in a 4vs.1 match where a killer is always trying to chase survivors trying to find a way to escape. Each side has its different characteristics and tries to complete its mission as accurately as possible. At the same time, the survivors will constantly move and use their skills to survive the best killer who can easily hear their screams.

Horrorfield Multiplayer horror

You will move in a large, detailed environment and full of scary elements that can make your character scream. With its 2.5D perspective, players can ultimately have a reasonably broad perspective and together complete the goal of escaping from a scary location or catching survivors. Therefore, this gameplay requires cooperation between players and tactics to use your skills and complete the level.

Horrorfield Multiplayer horror


There are two sides that you can find in Horrorfield: survivors and maniacs. The goal of those survivors is to help each other and see the number of generators scattered throughout the environment. At the same time, of course, screaming is a characteristic of these characters and will make the maniac recognizable. When you are attacked, the character’s speed will slow down until they are caught in a cage and waiting for someone to come to the rescue.

Wounded survivors need to have a character that helps them heal and remove negative effects. These effects include slow-moving and leaving blood footsteps so your enemies can follow and capture you. At the same time, you won’t be warded off too many times because when you appear in the cage the second time, your life is in danger. The character’s portrait continuously becomes red, and then the character’s play stops.

Horrorfield Multiplayer horror

The skills that the maniacs have are entirely diverse, and their common characteristics include being able to recognize screams, attacking targets ahead of them, injuring them. At the same time, the blood footprints will be a valuable tool for players to take advantage of and prevent escape.


The two-character lines in Horrorfield possess the characteristics that you will choose to suit your gameplay. Some characters on the survival side may have the ability to run faster, heal, repair generators faster, and many other factors. At the same time, some characters need to be level enough to be unlocked, and they also have passive skills. The maniac side is no less competitive for characters who can destroy generators, turn into wolves, go through walls or kill survivors faster.

Horrorfield Multiplayer horror

Challenging and horror battles with many impressive points such as:

  • A dangerous and horror environment where the player will explore and complete the quest of survivors or a maniac.
  • Survivors are required to repair scattered generators and avoid the killers looking for them.
  • A maniac can hear the screams of survivors, attacks them to reveal the target’s bloody footprints.
  • Each faction has its characteristics and many terrifying characters that you can unlock when you meet the conditions.
  • A target can be defeated and stop the game if they are captured multiple times and need their teammates to save within the right time.


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