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Hotel Elevator v3.0.12.421 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Enjoy the huge hotel craziness while playing the elevator simulator. Improve your time management abilities while exploring new areas of the bizarre hotel. As a concierge boy, you can utilize numerous lift amenities.

The resort hotel accommodates visitors from all over the world every day, including ghosts, resort tycoons, locals, couples, and business people looking to enjoy a fantastic holiday there. The resort hotel staff works seven days a week to enhance guest experiences. Visitors can be delivered to their floors with ease by the concierge.

The hotel simulator offers a wide variety of recreational activities. Visitors unwind, tan, stroll, and imagine that the rest will go on. The hotel’s elevator is managed by the doorman, who also assists visitors in creating unforgettable memories of their ideal holiday. You can encounter strange travelers… You could have a resort magnate as a guest tonight. Let your doorman tale now begin!

Every day, the hotel concierge assists customers in finding the appropriate floor. Play, find new levels, create your own tale, and receive a prize. Make your lifter work really hard and constantly enhance the insane hotel service. Be quick to address all visitor issues and prevent mishaps. The hotel obsession is widespread! Enhance your doorman profession and excel in your job. In this huge hotel-crazy game, click the appropriate button to assist your visitors in reaching their floors! Do your best! Maintain your composure and act fast when necessary.

Play this serving game to conjure up fresh doorman tales set at interesting hotels:

The classic hotel is the best place to begin a career as a concierge.

  • Rich: Congratulations on your professional accomplishment! A richer hotel awaits you.
  • Prepare to meet otherworldly visitors in the horror genre. Be patient and go to work!
  • Criminal, you have advanced to new levels. Al Capone appears to have built the brand-new hotel.
  • New times have arrived in space. Greetings from the new space hotel’s extraterrestrial guests.
  • Adventure: Play Indiana Jones and escape the hotel’s prehistoric perils.
  • Your visitors’ major activity is weight lifting for sport.
  • Superheroes are tasked with saving hotel guests from super-villians.
  • Become a Blade Runner-style hotel concierge with cyberpunk.

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