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Hotel Frenzy v1.0.60 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Hotel Frenzy offers a useful hotel staff training course that gives players two choices between a waiter and a doorman. Expand the scope of the hotel, edit the architecture and location of the furniture. Clean the room and design the interior according to the customer’s preferences; you have to do this faster when they are angry. The new version has added a playground for the cute pandas, providing the right conditions for them to live, and your guests can pay to see them!

Hotel Frenzy: Home Design


Spread across the map, choose a convenient location to open your branded hotel chain instantly. Any location, hire doorkeepers and cleaners for the fastest welcome. Attract tourists to rest but make sure they are satisfied with the quality! Upgrade this building with our powered extras and beat the competition in the marketplace.

Hotel Frenzy: Home Design


The scope of Hotel Frenzy is broad, with specialized machinery transporting you between levels so that you can be present when consumers find you. One of the waitress’s most significant responsibilities is to renovate the room. Please tidy it up and begin hunting for appropriate furniture for additional guest requests. The broad furniture assortment on display will be of assistance to you. Make the proper decision to decorate the room elegantly!

Keeping up with the famous trends in the current market, Hotel Frenzy introduces a number of extremely trendy pieces of furniture. Designed by hand and with a guarantee of creativity, their combination with the room will make the guest’s rest experience more wonderful—lots of styles, sizes, and types for you to choose from. Any fastidious guest will be pleased when coming here!

Hotel Frenzy: Home Design


Some menus are pre-made to match customers’ needs, and Hotel Frenzy will provide you with the recipe. Cook scrumptious dishes like a master chef and serve all of the inn’s guests. Order through the system and race to the kitchen to complete this task within the time limit. Choose the best items for the daily meal at the hotel. The food is of the most excellent quality. Have fun with the layout of the inn and the chef role!

Hotel Frenzy: Home Design


Not making players bored in their hotel, the game aims to depict the most realistic space by serving customers. Do well on the assigned tasks and receive worthy rewards. The coins, after accumulating, will be used to spread the hotel name globally or expand the service range. Satisfied stars and reviews will move your hotel further up the rankings. Participate in regularly opened weekly events to earn more!

Hotel Frenzy: Home Design


Hotel Frenzy is user-friendly and easy to access, leaving its mark on the most practical activities. We provide fairly accurate service characteristics for hotel service and management jobs. Expose players to related activities and broaden their understanding. At the end of this journey, don’t forget to leave a review below of the game on the store so we can make the right improvements.

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