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Jungle Deer Hunting Simulator v2.6.7 MOD APK (High Gold) Download

We provide a unique and fascinating hunting app, stag huntsman game challenge. You’re a wildlife deer hunt 2022 spending your African safari deer hunting holiday.

You’re in Africa to hunt in the bush and hone your animal hunting abilities. Kids may learn about new animal species via free hunting activities. In Jungle Deer Hunting Simulator, you’ll get coins if you finish a scout look hunting level in time. In wild animal hunting apps games, you may spend your coins on deer week sniper guns with superior sight and accuracy.

Enjoy your deer hunting season, but be cautious and remember that you’re not the only one seeking to hunt conflict creatures. They may stalk and hunt you. Be cautious not to warn surrounding jungle hunting animals since they are simple to kill you.


  • Various scoutlooks for hunting wild creatures that are available to kill and hunt
  • Graphics of an incredible search for wild animals.
  • Controls that are hunt and operate smoothly.
  • Realistic and stunning jungle jakt environment
  • Lovely animations of animals running, strolling, and just standing around doing nothing.
  • Utilizing a variety of sniper guns to take the creatures down.
  • The game has an atmosphere of the next level thanks to its realistic jungle noises and animal voice echo.
  • Show the motion camera tracking the bullet as it travels down the barrel of the weapon until it hits the animal.

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