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Jurassic World Alive will give players the most exciting feeling when collecting countless ancient dinosaurs as the main fighting unit for their special squad. This game’s great because it uses Augmented Reality technology to bring every dinosaur to life while allowing players to experience novel potentials. Through that technology, players can now witness real dinosaurs through their camera lenses.

Jurassic World Alive Jurassic World Alive


The most prominent content in Jurassic World Alive is allowing players to capture and create an artificial habitat for new dinosaurs. The mechanism of catching dinosaurs is simple; players need to find and beat them up with the available formations. Also, the hunting system will have many improvements and changes based on the player’s progress to catch larger dinosaurs.


The AR technology also makes the game so popular and gives players the most immersive and realistic experience when hunting dinosaurs. That system will automatically apply the entire image and appearance of the dinosaurs to the environment through special cameras. Players can also directly interact to strengthen relationships or hunt them with mechanics that only AR technology can bring.


While raising the dinosaurs, they need to build a variety of habitats for them, and at the same time, build reasonable facilities to have enough food for them periodically. The variety of habitats represents the number of dinosaurs the player has, even with many improvements and enhancements when reaching adulthood. Because of that, habitats are an important factor for them to excel, and players can customize them freely with many unique styles.


The combat mechanism in Jurassic World Alive is turn-based, and the player must utilize each dinosaur’s activity or ability effectively in each fight. The battle of the dinosaurs is normal, but it depends on many basic factors, and the player can use support equipment to capture the target. In the future, many new types of dinosaurs will open up many attractive and creative elements for players to fight vigorously.


Besides fighting or caring, players can breed and create a new dinosaur species for personal collection. They need to pair compatible dinosaurs and then take care of their eggs in preparation for the birthing process. Hybrid dinosaurs will all bear characteristics from their parents, giving players more ideas to build a strong dinosaur squad.

Jurassic World Alive


Unique events in Jurassic World Alive will always allow players to receive more generous rewards and great entertainment. Most events also have players using their best dinosaurs to fight and decide the winner through various dirty games. In addition, the PvP mechanics are unique and different from the normal mode, where players can use more exclusive features to fight and claim prizes.

Jurassic World Alive mainly wants players to have absolute entertainment when using countless ancient or novel dinosaurs to fight. Moreover, the hybrid mechanism will allow players to create a hybrid dinosaur with superior abilities compared to their parents. Over time, more new content will gradually open up to players with impressive potential and more about the dinosaur diverse world.

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