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KineMaster MOD APK: KineMaster is a video editor. It is a paid app but you can also get its mod apk in which it is free to use all of its features. 

It is easy to use. You can edit a video easily in it even if you are a beginner. Many professional video editors use this app to edit their pics. I have also used this app. It is really fun to use it.

You can make videos of professional quality using KineMaster, a robust video editing program, in a matter of minutes. You may merge your own films and photos with amazing visual and aural effects using KineMaster. You can start a new project from scrape or edit one that has already been created in KineMaster.

Then, when you’re finished, you can save your video to share with the world! KineMaster pro is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to create professional-quality videos without spending hours in front of a computer. 

So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create stunning videos, KineMaster pro mod is the perfect solution.

How to Use KineMaster modded app?

You can use it easily. 

First: Add a new project and name it so that you can remember it later. 

Second: Now, it’s time to add some media files to the project. These media files include your pictures, videos, and audio that you want to edit. 

It will be handy if you add all the media files to your project.

Third: Once you added your media files, now, it’s time to edit them and make an epic video. Let’s discuss it further:

To make your video epic, you can use the texts, animations, transitions, and stickers within the Kinemaster pro mod apk app. It is up to you which feature you are more interested to use. It also depends on the project you are working on. 

For example, if you are making a TikTok video then you might not need any text on the video but you will be more interested in adding transitions and animation. 

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Kinemaster pro mod apk tutorial for beginners.

How to add text in the latest version of Kinemaster?

So, to add text to the video, there will be a T icon in the layers option. You can just write your text there and can easily arrange it in your video. 

You can arrange text in your video anywhere you want. 

You can also add more than one text to your video and adjust the timeline of your text. You can also select from which point of the video the text should start.

How to overlap the text of the song video on your project? 

You can overlap any video you want to overlap in your video.

For example, if you want to add a song with its lyrics. You can add it easily if the background of your lyrics song is black, you just have to add it from the overlapping section and select the way you want to overlap it.

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How to add effects?

You can add many effects to your videos. You can add them from the layers bouton. 

There are many benefits of adding effects. By adding effects, you can make your video better than first you can also see how your video was before adding the effects.

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Hidden features in the KineMaster pro mod apk video editing app.

  • You can just add many of the media by adding them to your favorite folder. I mainly use it for the media which I need many times.
  • You can use ducking for the voice-over of your original video instead of making the background sound lower. This method is easy and very useful.
  • You can also add different music for left and right earphones by using a mixer.
  • You can also change the default setting to zoom in on the imported media from the KineMaster’s setting by changing the default setting to fit the screen.
  • You can change the speed of the video or speed ram of the video by using another app of KineMaster, which is the speed ram for kinemaster
  • You can rename your files if you are using their many layers. It will help you to remain which video or audio is the one that you want to trim or do something with that.
  • Bookmark is also one of the most useful features. You can mark the point you want to edit after one round. You can easily see the parts which you want to edit.
  • You can add endless video layers. You just need to get into the settings of your video and have to enable the option.
  • You can add cinematic layers instead of duplicating the blank pic. You just need to get into your sticker option and can download it and use it easily.

What is the alternative to KineMaster for PC?

There are many, like the Wondershare Filmora, Adobe Premier, and Final Cut Pro. But, I recommend Filmora the most.

Is KineMaster free to download?

It is a freemium app. It means if you install it from PlayStore, you will get a few free options. To unlock others, you need to pay.

It is the reason, a few people prefer to have its modded apk. It allows them to use all the required features for free.

How to get the KineMaster MOD APK?

If you download it from Google PlayStore, you have to purchase its premium to unlock many features. So many people use its apk mode. They and you can also get it on your phone and tablet.

Click the download button below to download its mod apk. You just need to allow your settings to install unknown apk files. So it can be installed and you can use it. There are also many mini-apps for KineMaster which you can also get in apk mod.

Kinemaster for iOS

If you are an Apple user then you can understand this. You cannot download its mod apk on your devices like iPad, Tablet, or iPhone. So you can go to this link to download kineMaster.


KineMaster mod apk is the best option for beginner YouTubers and Vloggers. It will let you unleash your creativity and let you grow your audience.

You can easily edit your videos on the go using KineMaster modded apk on your Android phone.

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