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Kiss Kiss creates unique love stories for you, and it is these stories that you will widely accept. This is a love game with typical action elements; the player will be the girl participating in these situations. The main interesting point is that the game offers an impressive bottle spinning challenge, and the player has to discover new types of kisses for themselves. The challenges will also grow, and players need to handle them skillfully.

Kiss Kiss: Spin the Bottle


The game will let you attend impressive parties and thanks to this you will make many new friends. You will be dressed up as a lovely girl, good-looking and always attracting eyes. Attending these parties, you meet an ideal boyfriend, and both of them actively date each other. After so many ups and downs, you and your lover have returned to live in the same house, and exciting stories will also take place.


The game wants people to have happy moments together, so there are new challenges. Two people will do the challenge of spinning any bottle, and if the top of the bottle is facing anyone, that person must show kisses. A special feature is that these kisses must be appropriate and can be modified to create more specials. Moreover, you will also find the person you love interesting, and it is that impression that creates a close relationship.

Kiss Kiss: Spin the Bottle Kiss Kiss: Spin the Bottle


The two have had happy moments together, and now both want to build a happy life. Each person creates their own different kissing positions to preserve memories. These happy moments will be kept in the album by the game to help you have beautiful childhood memories. Players will also continue to conquer more challenges that the game offers, and it is these challenges make you happy.


  • Choose for yourself impressive costumes and participate in many exchanges to find a boyfriend for you.
  • Discover many exciting love stories and develop strong relationships with many individual episodes.
  • Join your boyfriend in an impressive spinning bottle game and try to get the highest score for exclusive privileges.
  • Discover more bold kisses and live together in a happy family filled with burning love.
  • Join impressive dates and together create an album of special memories.


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