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Kung Fu Street Fighting Hero v1.0.88 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins, Unlocked Level) Download

Kung Fu Street Fighting Hero introduces everyone to a bustling and entertaining fighting action concept through a ridiculous Kung Fu-related style. The game also has many fascinating expansions in gameplay, such as game modes, character diversity, or related things to make everyone’s experience rich.

Kung Fu Street Fighting Hero


The combat mechanics in Kung Fu Street Fighting Hero are packed with depth and entertainment to keep players fully immersed in various fierce battles. Relevance to characters is also significant as each character has engaging abilities for the player to interact with or control in various styles. In addition, expansions in player progress will also help to change tactics or combos will be more creative when facing real players.

Kung Fu Street Fighting Hero


Although the game’s graphics are average, it successfully sketches out detailed and smooth character movements to represent the respective martial arts. Because of that, the variety of characters is a good thing for players to have absolute excitement when fighting with many different players. Each character also has attractive skills, and players can do everything through many combinations of buttons or more to finish the opponent in an eye-catching style.

Kung Fu Street Fighting Hero


Many game modes in the gameplay of Kung Fu Street Fighting Hero are also humorous additions to add more fun for players to have moments of excitement. Most of these modes are also online multiplayer to add or remove any necessary rules for the greatest pleasure. Not only that, many game modes will change many things significantly to bring people discoveries when combining the game’s rules with martial arts for devastating combos.

Kung Fu Street Fighting Hero


  • Entertaining gameplay with unique concepts to immerse players in tremendous pleasures from doing weird things to martial arts or beating others.
  • Various game modes with special rules and concepts change the gameplay dynamically while featuring new characters and maps for fun.
  • Multiple characters with distinct martial arts for players to combine or figure out their ultimate combos from actions to actions or even finish enemies with executions.
  • Hilarious costumes customize various unlockable items to bring extra actions or motivations as players progress through arduous challenges.
  • Fight with real players worldwide and enjoy all the glorious victories upon defeating them through chaotic and hectic martial arts battles.

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